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An Ongoing History of the Recent Stupid UFC Interim Title Creations and Other Dumb Match Making Decisions

February 13th, 2018 by Mike Coughlin

The Basement of the Company that Makes Title Belts



I’ve decided this will be my new white whale: the current UFC regime’s stupid policy towards titles. After so many years of doing an outstanding job of protecting the integrity of their titles, often having fights of lesser importance headline simply because a few pounds of shiny was at stake, the UFC went out, strained its back as it squatted over a symbolic belt, grabbed hold of the towel bar, and slowly let slip a stream of shit that piles higher and higher every day.


Now, Vince Russo has somehow come up with $4b and is running around booking shit. Titles not only mean less than ever but the company is legit finding new ways every few weeks to find a new bottom. The UFC is the addict moving on to more and more destructive drugs.  The drug making its way through the UFC’s system is having interim title matches and we’re gonna watch and laugh and point while we laugh at all of these decisions.


This will be the running tally of each new creative way WMEI 97.9 runs the prestige of a UFC Championship into the ground, further and further down to the core of the earth.




Recent UFC Title Fuckery



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10 Responses to “An Ongoing History of the Recent Stupid UFC Interim Title Creations and Other Dumb Match Making Decisions”

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[…] wonder if the UFC will create an interim title for the […]


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[…] McGregor/Mayweather bout becoming official, the sudden resurgence of boxing on the PPV front and the UFC creating a new interim title seemingly every day, it’s only reasonable that the No. 2 MMA promotion in the States would get placed on the pop […]


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[…] Oh well, at least I got an excuse to rant about the UFC’s dumb as fuck title situation. […]


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[…] Read all about the history of shitty title choices by the UFC HERE. […]


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[…] once: he’d fight Yoel Romero for an interim MW belt. Laughable! As if the UFC would create an interim title at middleweight […]


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[…] all devastated and sad. An upside is that the UFC has once again created a weird situation surrounding a title fight. Fucking win-win if you ask […]


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[…] k?) and the winner will be granted an interim belt, to be unified at a latter date. This company looooooooves interim titles. Loves. […]


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[…] how this stacks up against the other 15 interim/bullshit titles they’ve created?  Then click HERE to see the recent history of stupid fucking UFC title fight decisions.  If you can read that […]


April 24, 2018 at 4:49 pm, Joey Joe said:

Do you have a good sense of humor .


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