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Donald Trump and Conor McGregor - who is the puppet?

Donald Trump and Conor McGregor in a HILARIOUS video mashup.

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Flags at half-mast

Sorry, Europe – multiculturalism isn’t an excuse for mass murder.

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Why you shouldn’t mourn the death of Chris Cornell or any rock star that chooses to throw away their lives.

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Fought A Monkey

The time I fought a monkey in Hong Kong because I was honor bound to fulfill the obligations I’d agreed to. This is the tale.

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anxiety and depression

Depression Anxiety and Suicidal thoughts means I’m still alive. I want to die sometimes. I hate life sometimes. This is my story.

(republished all the time, because … it should be)

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Why Jesus is better than Moses and Mohammad

An argument without flaws.

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Black Hole Sun

May 18th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin

Into the Superunknown we all go eventually.

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When you touch me, I remember it every time.

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The Doug Stanhope Interview

Exclusive DOUG STANHOPE INTERVIEW. We interview DOUG STANHOPE about his career and why he is such a good comic.

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You Don't Get Me High Anymore" by Phantogram.

Then a little grew more and more…

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