Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas: Today’s AWESOME BLACK PERSON for Black History Month

February 22nd, 2018 by Mike Coughlin

Clarence Thomas is pretty accomplished in life.  I mean, the dude is a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.  He has a guaranteed job for life!  That’s pretty sweet.  I wish I had that.  He’s also on the second black guy to ever serve on The Court, after Thurgood Marshall.  And unlike Marshall, he isn’t overrated by idiots. (Marshall gets sooooo much credit but I really don’t think he’s all that brilliant.  Give me Learned Hand any day.)


Thomas went to Yale, which is a good school.  Seems like most of these important people went to good schools.  I didn’t.  Thomas is an advocate of original reading of the Constitution, which I like.  He’s also not liked by liberals.  At all.  And he’s black, so that kinda fucks them a bit when they want to rip on him.


Thomas was born in Georgia to poor parents (are there any other kind of black people, living in Georgia, 60 years ago?).  They were descendants of American slaves, and the family spoke Gullah as a first language.  I have no idea what Gullah is.  Let’s find out!


Gullah (also called Sea Island Creole English and Geechee) is a creole language spoken by the Gullah people (also called “Geechees” within the community), an African-American population living on the Sea Islands and in the coastal region of the US states of South Carolina, Georgia and northeast Florida. Dialects of essentially the same language are spoken in the Bahamas.[2]The Gullah language is based on English with strong influences from West and Central African languages.

Thanks, Wikipedia!


So, he was poor, came from nothing, and is now an important dude.  Nicely done, Thomas.


Wow, according to Wikipedia, Thomas’s house burned down when he was 7 and he went to live with his grandparents.  That was the first time he had indoor plumbing.  That’s hardcore.  How many Supreme Court justices know how to take a shit in the actual woods?  Us bears appreciate that dedication to defecation.


Thomas has recollected that his Yale law degree was not taken seriously by law firms to which he applied after graduating. He said that potential employers assumed he obtained it because of affirmative action policies.According to Thomas, he was “asked pointed questions, unsubtly suggesting that they doubted I was as smart as my grades indicated.”

“I peeled a fifteen-cent sticker off a package of cigars and stuck it on the frame of my law degree to remind myself of the mistake     I’d made by going to Yale. I never did change my mind about its value.”



I agree with him too: where you went to law school doesn’t mean shit when it comes to actually being a lawyer.  That said, if I graduated from Yale I’d hope that would open a few doors.


Oh, in 1975 he read a book by yesterday’s awesome black guy, Thomas Sowell, which influenced him.  Cool.  This shit all ties together so nicely.


When he was confirmed to be a Justice, he was accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill.  Democrats tried to use this against him.  But, a little while later Bill Clinton came along and so now most people don’t go there.


He did other things but most people who know him say he’s a nice guy to get along with and likes to joke and have fun.  Here’s to you, Clarence Thomas!



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