Conor McGregor will get to lose while wearing smaller gloves

Conor McGregor will get to lose while wearing smaller gloves

August 16th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin



The Nevada State Athletic Commission, sometimes known as the Nevada Athletic Commission, has announced that after a unanimous vote, the August 26th fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor will be contested using 8 ounce gloves.


I love everything about this fight.


NSAC had previously said that they’d vote on whether McGregor’s first ever professional boxing match, and all-time great, Floyd Mayweather’s, 50th professional fight, should be done while wearing 8 ounce gloves.  The standard is that 154 lb fights use 10 ounce gloves.  Sometimes, guys fighting at 147 can use 8 ouncers, if their opponent is smaller and chooses, but you can feel comfortable telling your buddies at the party/bar that 8 ounce gloves a rarity for 154 lb fights.  NSAC said that they’d only make the decision based on the health and safety of the fighters.




Actually, who knows and who cares.  The smaller gloves “favor” McGregor, in that he’s fought his MMA career using 4 ounce gloves, and smaller gloves favor the heavier hitter.  They can also change the way a man defends, which is why the shoulder rolling and high and tight defenses of boxing don’t always translate to MMA.  So, this ruling means that McGregor has more of a chance to wi –


Oh, stop it.  They could fight with rules that say McGregor wears pillows and Floyd wears brass knuckles and it won’t change a thing.  If anything, this will probably speed up how fast Mayweather wins the damn thing, because DOY!  I mean, why lie to yourself about safety when you’re making a change to the size of the fucking gloves and it’s only a week out?


All this is does is provide some last minute drama – as it were – and further underscores how absolutely useless and incompetent athletic commissions are.  No matter what anyone tells you, Nevada cares about money and only money.  That’s why they’re letting an amateur fight an all-time great and that’s why they don’t care what size the gloves are.  It’s all dumb theater.  And the only thing that sets HG apart is we pretend we’re above it.

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