georges st. pierre GSP vs michael bisping free live stream


August 10th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin

The World’s Most Famous Arena



GSP said he signed to fight Michael Bisping at UFC 217. I didn’t see the UFC officially announce it, but that’s also kind of a formality deal where they make it for realz when tickets are on sale.


I think. I make shit up all he time, let’s be honest.


This fight will headline the MSG card, so it’ll be a big one. Real big. All kinds of rumors started flying everywhere today about one fight or another being added, that’s how big. A Joanna Champion fight was rumored, some other stuff I’ve just now forgotten about but were pretty darn big, and so on. Oh, I think Holloway vs Edgar was on the list.



Cody vs TJ too. Yeah. So. Some of those will probably happen (Edgar fight is natural) and some won’t. I bet it’ll be a good show. Lots of good things happen in the world if you just wish hard enough!




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