HALF IN THE BAG: UFC PED POLICY; Fantastic Four; UFC in Racist America

August 10th, 2015 by Mike Coughlin


I hate, Jolene.  First, she stole your man, which was a low blow as everyone knows you had dibs on Dylan.  Then she struts her stuff around at the Sephora counter like she’s perfect.  Ugh.  I feel your pain, I do.  I know you visited this here site as much as you could but sometimes a bitch needs to be accidentally pushed down the escalator and stepped on and mocked because DYLAN MAY BE DUMB BUT HE WAS STILL ACCOUNTED FOR!


Hence, HALF IN THE BAG!  Everything that happened this past week, put in one little neat package so you can easily click every single link (note: CLICK EVERY SINGLE LINK) and be informed as you slog through Monday knowing that she totally has a herp flare up and won’t tell him.  Slut.




You *may* have seen this plugged everywhere.  Long and short, halfguarded.com did what no one else did: read the new UFC PED regulations and told you about how they go beyond anything anyone could ever have imagined.  UFC fighters from Nate Quarry to Jon Fitch legit expressed disbelief and anger.  (Funny how “real” journalists won’t mention any of this though.  Hmm…)  It’s all right HERE!


We also did a follow up podcast on it HERE.  The first 30 minutes discuss the issue in depth.  The last 30 are barely English.


Birth of a nation poster

Does 100 Years Erase Racism?

Birth of a Nation is one of those seminal moments in film.  It’s important.  It needs to be discussed but no one does anymore.  Except James Swift, right HERE. (What other website dares do this?  NONE!)


Fantastic Four Zombies

The Fantastic Four movie was worse than we could have anticipated

Mike did a bit HERE.  Dazza did a real bit HERE. (The latter is worth reading.)


Speaking of comics…


Comic Conversations BLACK


This site does a few things very well but mostly it’s just a grown man acting in ways a man of his age shouldn’t.  Comic Conversations is an exception.  Without doubt, no joke, the single best comic book podcast there is.  Regularly.  Every Wednesday.  One day, they’ll realize how good they are and leave this place.  Until then, they’re right HERE!


I hate Cecil the Lion


And I hate hunters even more right HERE.


Deadpool shoots a Bear

DEADPOOL does violent things; stabs people; makes use of Ryan Reynolds

Hey, the Deadpool trailer finally came out right HERE!  There was also a teaser HERE. (You should click them both because they’re different and, OMG, DYLAN SMELLS SO GOOD!)


Liverpool Football Club Logo


Liverpool is the only club that matters.  Your team, if not Red, sucks and I wish pain upon you.  DIE DIE DIE!  BOOM!


Jon Jones is Coming Out to WHAT?!?

Only we had the courage to tell you Jon Jones’s new entrance song when he returns.  We did it HERE.


G1 climax 25


Sean McGee, national hero (to England), provides the best semi-irregular G1 NJPW coverage around, right HERE.  If every show was covered that’d be bullshit because they don’t all deserve coverage.  We aren’t clickbait whores here, we are normal people.



(Mike note: no, it didn’t) but Matt Grady – superstar, god in the making, all around amazing person looks back at the seminal movie of the 90s and makes the argument that maybe it isn’t what we thought it was, HERE.


Ronda Rousey ESPN Magazine

Don’t Buy The Rousey Hype Yet

She’s good but is she that good?  The case is simple: she’s a coward who basically refuses true competition.  And … that’s becoming more and more the case.  Johnny Hath spells it out HERE.


Birdman Keaton In Underwear

I’m like a bird…

Someone watched Birdman and wrote his steam of consciousness thoughts about it HERE.


Trump with Clintons

Did Donald Trump murder someone?!?!

Does the GOP count as a “person”?  If so: Jame Swift argues: yes.  If not: then probably not.  HERE.



ANOTHER!?!? UFC.  Yup.

We had coverage.  The show wasn’t bad but some of us (*cough* Mike *cough*) are old and maybe fall asleep sometimes.  The coverage was HERE.  The pun on a great rap song is HERE.


And of course we already have this: GSP TO FORM UFC UNION!  The second most important story we’ve broken this month (which places HG approximately 50000 levels above everyone else because we aren’t hacks who care about clicks – we like them but, *GASP*, actual journalism is being done!!)


It’s gonna be a busy, busy week.  (Dylan can go to hell.)


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