Hey, look, Conor McGregor is on Twitter making excuses and lying (again)

May 3rd, 2016 by Mike Coughlin


He should go away at this point.  He won’t, of course, but McGregor has managed to go from folk hero to annoying whiner in the span of like two weeks.  His latest are the following:



mcgregor tweet


Right, you lying mic (I’m part Irish so I can say it).  You did north of two million buys fighting Nate Diaz.  Sure.  And you were targeting Pac v Mayweather numbers too.  Suuuuuuuuure.  Look, I love me some UFC, and UFC 200 is gonna be huge, and the rematch of Conor losing in 7 minutes would’ve been huge, but let’s not go crazy here.  Of course, he’s also the same guy that claims he generated $400 million for the UFC in the span of three fights – when the company publicly said they grossed $600m last year.  ($400m is 16m PPV buys, btw.)



mcgregor tweet


How can a professional fighter say this?  It’s pounded into every boxer, wrestler, and jiu-jitsu artists’ head from day one: technique will save you if you’re tired.  It’s the guys who don’t have technique that are screwed because they end up using muscle for everything, get tired, and can’t do anything.  But if you’re super tired, yet have great technique, you’ll survive.  You may not thrive, you may not win, but you’re in a better place than most.


Which is to say nothing of the fact that a guy who is a “super hard worker” gassed out in under 10 minutes.  Chad Mendes lasted longer and he was coming off short notice.  Sure, Nate is bigger but he isn’t a wrestler, he wasn’t leaning on McGregor the entire time.  No.  What happened was someone pushed back and Conor didn’t react well.  He found out his power didn’t translate like he figured and couldn’t psyche out Diaz.  Then, on the ground: Diaz is awesome and Conor isn’t.  Yes, Conor did well enough on the mat, sure, but when he was tired his technique wasn’t there and he panicked.  He didn’t just get beat by a better guy, he looked for a way out.  Nate is excellent but he isn’t that great on the ground.  McGregor was gassed, for whatever reason, and didn’t know what to do.


And so he lost.


nate diaz tweet

Nate knows what’s up.


Now he’s running around, after realizing that UFC 200 is going to be a GIANT show, even without him, and doesn’t seem to know what to do.  He still thinks he can get the UFC to give in to his demands or something.  The only difference between his fight with Nate and his fight with Dana and Co. is that he doesn’t know he’s lost against the latter.


So, please, just shut up for a bit.  You’re losing sympathy left and right and are frankly just tarnishing your reputation.  No one wants to support a whiner.  What they want is to support the entertaining Conor who talked a lot and fought all kinds of people and immediately after losing just admitted defeat and showed a little class.  This current Twitter Conor is a guy screaming “ME ME ME” and making excuses.


Unless, of course, he doesn’t really want to fight Nate because he knows history often repeats itself and no one would be surprised this time…


nate diaz

Maybe at UFC 209

2 Responses to “Hey, look, Conor McGregor is on Twitter making excuses and lying (again)”

May 03, 2016 at 4:46 pm, Dave said:

I don’t believe for one moment this is an avoidance tactic towards Nate. Conor wants that fight, he wants it bad, and he is obsessed with it.

This is turning sad. What he should do is just call up Dana, and negotiate to do the fight at UFC 201 or 202, work out a promotional schedule they can both live with (that is what negotiation is), and get back to it. He is starting to discredit himself now.

I get all the super confidence stuff and I like that about him. However, there is always a benefit to having some humility. He needs to admit to himself that he lost this particular battle. sometimes you win with the bosses like he did on getting his raise, and sometimes the bosses nail you like we have here with UFC 200. That is how it is. He can live to battle with Dana and UFC another day; he just needs to move on from the UFC 200 battle. It really is over and I think the only one in the world who still thinks it is a battle is Conor.

And guess what, let’s say Aldo or Edgar get injured, wouldn’t Conor be the guy to call and do a short notice catchweight? If the main event falls apart, wouldn’t they consider Conor Diaz to save the show? Of course….. However, with Conor continuing to dick around like this, Dana will just refuse to even consider calling Conor if they need him for 200.

Guy needs to let it go, get back to training hard for his Diaz fight, and book it. Be ready in case they have to short notice it on UFC 200. They will do a huge buy rate at 201 or 202 and Conor makes his money and will be able to do the FW unification later in the year which will do another huge number. The guy needs to learn when to move on from a lost battle and just a shred of humility would help him greatly.

He is hurting his cause every time he does these dumb tweets.


August 18, 2016 at 8:45 am, "If -" Conor McGregor is a Man and a Fighter - HalfGuarded.com said:

[…] may promote a lavish lifestyle, make a series of ill-advised tweets that come across like he’s a Prima Donna who can’t be bothered to show up on time for press […]


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