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Hey, look, it’s the trailer for the Inhumans TV show

June 29th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin



Not sure why I expected better from an Inhumans TV show but this sure does look like a steaming pile of horse shit someone left out in the heat.  Black Bolt looks like a fucking loser.  He’s supposed to be stoic and intelligent but here it just looks shy and quiet, like a pussy ass fucking mouse.  No one would follow this dick licker.


(Why am I writing so aggressively?)


Medusa was always gonna be a challenge and a giant teleporting dog is … well, they went for it.  Maximus the Mad should be fun at least.  SHOULD BE.  We’ll see, as the actor is a great sniveling little shit, as seen on Game of Thrones, and the character is one of those fun fuckers who stirs up shit (this post brought to you by shit!).  But, just, just, JUST FUCK ME HARD, WHY THE FUCK IS BLACK BOLT IN A SUIT IN LA?


Oh, I know, it’s cheaper, but fuck off.  Also, is this all going to still be tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Because Agents of SHIELD is, but that’s low key enough that they can get by.  This is a fucking royal family with a king who if he sneezes can wipe out half of California.  Gonna be a tough sell to make me believe The Avengers aren’t a tad by concerned about this one.


inhumans cast

Looking like you’re trying to hold in a shit isn’t the same as being stern.


They keep making a big deal out of this being shot on IMAX cameras and how you can go to an IMAX theater to watch the first two episodes – and I guess that’s kinda cool – but it doesn’t mean jack shit in the end.  All that matters – ALL THAT FUCKING MATTERS – is the story and actors and BLACK BOLT IS IN A FUCKING CITY IN A SUIT AND FUCK OFF.


I’m still gonna watch.




Go read this instead.  Trust me, it’s good.


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