Hulk Hogan racist: exclusive never before seen proof.

July 24th, 2015 by Mike Coughlin


Hulk Hogan – the greatest fighter pre-UFC era – is a racist. Take a moment of silence. This is a tough one.


The father of a boy who once crippled a kid for life which resulted in the Hulkster losing a multi-million dollar lawsuit said words even HG won’t print.


Kidding. He said “nigger” – a lot. We aren’t the first it report it but as I’ve teased on Facebook and Twitter all day I have truly exclusive evidence that his racism goes back DECADES!!


First. Back story a bit.


Hogan made a sex tape. “Made a sex tape” never ends well (except for Paris Hilton and the Armenian chick). You do NOT want to see yourself naked to start with, let alone having sex. Real sex? BORING TO WATCH! Porn stars aren’t getting enjoyment out of being hung upside down with their ankles tied behind their head. They do it because they’re heroes who want to inspire us.


In said sex tape, Hogan repeatedly says “nigger” in the context of not wanting his daughter – SUPER FAMOUS REALITY STAR BROOKE HOGAN – to have sex with a black man. He does make allowances that if it happens he’d prefer it be with a rich basketball player. Which, if you’re gonna be a racist resigned to your daughter going whence from where one never comes back, is a sensible.


This tape was made 9 years ago. Yeah. NO ONE from this generation forward will ever be able to run for president. Ever.


Anyways. Gawker leaked it or something and he’s suing them for a hundred million bucks. (No. Really.) I’m 99.999999% sure they didn’t release this latest info because if they did they just ensured that if he wins (tough) that he’s getting that full amount.


(I take this time to note that I will let the world. All my friends and family. Everyone. Think I’m a racist for $100,000,000.00 – or for like free appetizers at TGIF.)


Oh. And he isn’t plowing his wife in this tape. Somewhat irrelevant but WOW – just how many bad decisions can you cram into a half hour or whatever?


So. The proof? BEHOLD:




Hogan has been beating up “brothers” for decades. In fact, now I wonder if he uses the term brother as a motivational tool – he visualizes all foes as black so it’s easier to beat them.


No word on if Donald Trump will try to one up the Hulkster to maintain his stranglehold on Crazy White Dude In The Press.


Oh. And WWE fired him. Sucks to suck.


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March 11, 2017 at 4:06 pm, Hulk Hogan is Dead - said:

[…] damaging as the tape was, in and of itself, there was one moment when Hogan casually said the word “nigger” that did the most damage to his reputation.  WWE was forced to drop Hogan from their roster and […]


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