Improve the World; Dismantle ALL Religion

July 1st, 2016 by Peach

I love life. I love being alive, and I never want to die. I’m going to be sad when I reach the end. Hopefully, I get to live a long fucking time and can continuously annoy all you pussies with my provocative wit. Preferably, I’d like to live forever. Who says we can’t? We could be only a few scientific discoveries away from that potential.



Effects us all...

Affects us all…

We will never make any serious significant advancements in regards to longevity as long as part of our population believes in life after death. A huge sect of us believe that there is something better after they die… We need those idiots to knock it the fuck off. We need ALL the brains working towards the good of the population, but right now, we still have a LARGE contingency of morons sabotaging our efforts. I’m looking at you, religion.


Don’t argue with me. I’m right. Yes, we make scientific discoveries everyday, but that’s not good enough. We could be doing far BETTER as a human race if ALL of us understood that this life is all we have, so let’s not let the retards fuck it up for the sane.



On the heels of the awful terrorist attacks in Orlando, and on the sole of the repulsive terrorist bombings in Turkey, and on the toes of whatever the fuck atrocity is coming next, I say with utter certainty and clarity, that the only way to end this bullshit is to make EVERYONE understand that there is no afterlife, no god, no eternal reward, and certainly no 73 virgins waiting on some divine cloud brothel.


People who believe that something better awaits are very fucking dangerous. People who do not fear death are supremely UNMOTIVATED to help us out here on Earth. In fact, they’re motivated the OTHER WAY! They don’t care about life. This life is just for worshipping a space goblin until death. I know that I have not mentioned a specific religion or deity or faith, and so you’re thinking, “Well, she’s not talking about MY religion…” BUT, you’d be wrong. I most certainly am.


I saw a video online in the wake of the Orlando shooting that many believed to be a wonderful and touching homage to the fallen. It was a video that showed many people (presumably Muslims) praying together for the lives that were taken in the Orlando nightclub. FUCK THAT BULLSHIT! I have so many problems with this it’s best to just begin listing as I could rant unfettered for hours…



  1. PRAYER DOES LESS THAN NOTHING: It does less than nothing, because you pretend it’s doing something. You losers that wish really hard to your sky man are pathetic. No prayer has ever been answered. None. Ever. It’s completely insane to think that the all powerful creator of the entire fucking universe has some sort of direct line to your brain. OR that he gives a shit what you’re thinking about. OR that he doesn’t know already. OR that this part was not in his divine plan. OR that you have to bow a certain direction or clasp your hands properly or touch your forehead and shoulders in a cross shape because if you don’t it doesn’t count. Prayer is sickening… I understand the sentiment of saying, “You’re in my prayers,” but come the fuck on. Do something already. I’m reminded of the scene from the movie The Finest Hours where the shipwrecked seamen are standing around praying for a miracle, and one of them pipes up with, “Hey, prayer is great, but we should actually DO something.” Side note: Chris Pine is tremendous in this movie. That said, it’s pretty boring. Don’t watch it. See, telling you to NOT do something is even more powerful than prayer. I just saved you 2 hours and 4.99 on iTunes.Piney is sexy
  2. PRAYER CONTINUES THE LIE: Yes, you may be on the happy side of your faith and tell me garbage like, “Well those are just the extremists.” I got news for you. The extremists are MORE devout than you because murdering people is what it says to do in your fucking holy book! YOU, pious Pete, are doing it wrong. You should be out killing in your lord’s name. That’s what he wants. Open nearly any page of the Quran and you’ll find specific instructions on how YOU, the reader, should kill for Allah. Try it out. Open to a random page 5 times, read it, and tell me how many pages did NOT tell you commit a heinous crime in Muhammad’s name. Religion of peace, my clit. You can do the same thing with the old testament, and while you’ll get less direct instruction on killing, you’ll still find yourself gouging out eyes, cutting off limbs, stoning, with a sprinkling of murdering.I wish this wasn't a meme
  3. IT’S FUCKING INSULTING: You pray for me? Fuck you. I don’t want your god shooting magic beams into me. Go fuck yourself. I reject your prayer and put up “shields” for life. No fair pray backs. My magic shield is just as effective as your magic thought. Actually, no, it’s 10 times more effective, because I said so. See? Just as dumb.


Religion is 100% useless. Don’t waste your time trying to tell me about the homeless shelters or food banks sponsored by churches (there are plenty of secular charities as well, and we do it without the brainwashing). But why do you think churches do that shit? It’s called misdirection. So that you don’t look at the fucking Ponzi scheme behind the curtain. Organized religion is worse than a cult; it’s a scam. They sell you nothing but a pretend afterlife, for the low low price of 10% of all your earnings. Don’t worry, they give .01% of your 10% to the poor. The rest goes right up the food chain to a bunch of rich assholes who use it to stuff their mattresses and pay off rape victims. You want to be part of that? Last year, The Economist calculated that the Catholic church in America alone had a 170 BILLION DOLLAR annual operating budget. Globally, the figure is much LARGER. Did you happen to notice the 170 billion dollars worth of food and shelter given out to the homeless? Ok fine, lets say they need 10 BILLION to pay the organist and buy candles. Did you notice the 160 BILLION DOLLARS getting doled out to the poor? What? You didn’t? Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. ocking.



Matthew 19:21 – Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Wait, you didn’t actually read your book? Ya, there’s a lot of things in there you’re not doing because it’s inconvenient. But somehow you can still justify in your head that YOU are one of god’s chosen few. I fucking dare anyone reading this to do it. Sell your shit, and give your money away. I guaran-fucking-tee you I give and do more for the less fortunate than you, and I hate god and shit on Jesus daily. Do it, you fucking zealous coward. Jesus commanded it, but you won’t. Get ready to explain that to St. Paul at the gates. “Well ya see, Paul, I really liked my 70 inch TV and I got it on black Friday so I actually saved 200 bucks. Ya I shoved a blind Girl Scout out of the way to get it, but…” 



When it comes to people involved with religion there are only two groups: The perpetrators and the victims. Most are victims, indoctrinated into believing such silly nonsense. I hate the perpetrators, but I don’t hate the victims. I was once a victim. It took a long time to get out, but now that I’m out, I see it for what it really was… the greatest con game ever played.


We can’t let this garbage continue. We can’t. We owe it to our species to end this horrific scourge on the naive people of this planet. I’m looking at you, fellow smart person. Yes, I hate religion, but I don’t hate its victims. As a former victim I can tell you that there is literally zero good that comes from a bunch of pious dickheads dressing up once a week and playing nice with fellow suckers. Here’s the problem: Most religious people don’t actually do anything. They just want to be left alone to live. They just keep that magic man in their pocket for peace of mind when the end draws near. That’s the problem. We let religion off the hook because 99% of it’s members are passive, and we try to blame all the murdering in the name of religion on the extremist 1%. Sorry, all 100% of you are guilty as fuck. Every single religious person from every single religion has the blood of every terrorist attack on their hands. Every homo hating bigot Christian down to the most recently baptized child, is guilty of allowing terrorism to exist.



Yes there are other factors that create terrorism, but religion is number one on the list, by far. People who believe that a divine creator will save them from this world once they are gone are no good to us. They are rowing the boat of humanity backwards and trying to crash us into the rocks. Stop placating the religious. Stop allowing this drivel to persist in ANY form. DO NOT PARTICIPATE! Walk out on your family prayer at Thanksgiving. Leave a lecture if the speaker brings up Jesus. Turn the channel if the talking head starts babbling about eternity and the soul. DO NOT PARTICIPATE! The only way to end this scourge is to confront it. If we keep giving credence to those who are the “good” versions of the faith, we allow it to continue. Nobody starts out as a 1% extremist. No, they start out as merely one of the 99%.



Let’s go people. Grab a knee. Get a hand in. Break it down. Clap it up. Helmet’s not a chair… We can do this. STAND UP TO EVERYTHING RELIGIOUS. It’s not ok. For those of us who want to live forever, let’s make it happen. I’m not smart enough to do it myself. I can’t make advancements in science because I’m not a scientist, but what I can do is allow the geniuses to work by fending off the assholes who want them to stop. Think of where we’d be if science was free to experiment with stem cells and get as crazy as they wanted with technology. I personally can’t be in that world, but I want the egg heads to be able to build us a fucking motor to put on our row boat. If you’re not up to the task of helping, fine. Go make peace with the fact that when you die, you go in the ground, and that’s it. Because that’s as far as we’re allowed to go.


5 Responses to “Improve the World; Dismantle ALL Religion”

July 01, 2016 at 11:12 pm, dave said:

Tremendous work my friend. I go on religious rants like this at times; you wrote this one brilliantly. Hope to see more anti religious posts on !


July 02, 2016 at 7:01 pm, The Peach Machine said:

Don’t worry… I’ve just begun. Thanks for reading!


July 02, 2016 at 8:47 pm, Mike Coughlin said:

This won’t end well, will it? I can only hope HG ends up on SOMEONE’S hate list.


July 05, 2016 at 12:44 pm, John Thomas said:

Looking at many of those who’ve accumulated power for themselves, I’m glad we don’t live forever. Death is the great equalizer.


July 25, 2016 at 7:46 am, Why Jesus is better than Moses and Mohammad - said:

[…] Despite pleas from well meaning individuals, religion isn’t going away.  At least not anytime soon, with soon be defined as the next 500 years or so.  Whether one believes in a deity doesn’t matter to me.  I was raised Catholic and going out and trying to convert people isn’t part of The Church’s modern day rules. Plus, it’s hot out so fuck that.  It’s not like the Pope is closing the doors on anyone or anything but Catholics don’t go door to door asking if you’ve found Jesus. (Note: Jesus in those circumstances often has three extra syllables added to his name – somehow.)  Instead, I’ll offer a somewhat blanket defense of Jesus, at least as compared to the other major Western religions of Judaism and Islam.  Yeah, I know, I’m sure to piss off a lot of people.  And, yes, I know, Jesus probably doesn’t want me to write “piss off.”  I never said I was good at this. […]


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