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Marvel’s Back in (a new) Black Panther Trailer Time

October 16th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin




While much of the uproar of late about the lack of diversity in comic books is overstated, writes the white guy, appealing to Non-White Men can only help a movie studio. (Ok. That’s not true. It could backfire, but go with it.)


Black Panther is Marvel’s attempt to make black people happy and it comes it next year and many people will see it. It’ll probably be the highest ever grossing film that predominantly features black people. It won’t be as big as movies about blue people but equality takes time. You people understand.


It looks like they’re checking off the right boxes: bunch of black actors, black director, black writers (yes, more than one!) cool, and socially conscious, music like Run the Jewels. This is the blackest thing I’ll personally ever be associated with, I know that.


Looks like they’re staying pretty true to the comics, with T’Challa having all kinds of cool technology and shit. I actually wonder if sometimes Panther doesn’t get the respect it deserves because it’s too positive. Black Panther is super smart, super rich, super good at fighting, a just king, and his people are the best and richest and all that. It’s kinda like if Superman was also Batman and also POTUS.


I also think the whole Wakanda thing is difficult for people to relate to because it’s not just fake and unfamiliar but a lot of the importance of Panther is dependent upon his homeland. It’s all well and good to have a superhero that’s actually from Africa but I’m a white guy from Chicago and only like things that are just like me.


(Ignore all the other major differences between Batman and myself, he’s totes relatable.)

I’ll rant more on a latter date if I rant again.


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