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Paul Blart 3 (2018) Cast, Plot, and Release Date & News!

January 7th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin



A cultural phenomenon, that’s what Paul Blart: MALL COP was.  Really.  It caught on like no one expected and the lovable Kevin James carried the film to box office gold.  It spawned a sequel already and Hollywood hasn’t yet met a movie that it doesn’t want to exploit to death.  And that’s why we’re going to get ANOTHER PAUL BLART: PAUL BLART 3!  Contained herein are all the details you need to get ready for this sure fire cinematic masterpiece.  If you don’t want a third act, why are you here?  This is only for serious thespians – those for whom love of the screen is the only love that matters in life.



The Plot of Paul Blart 3


In the first Paul Blart, he’s a mall cop. He gets the girl. Life moves on. The end. In Paul Blart 2, we learn that his wife from the first film left him so he’s a loser again. But: he gets the girl again in the end. You know there’s no way this doesn’t repeat itself as this is a two minute gag they’ve already stretched to nearly 4 hours, so, yes, he’ll start off yet another Paul Blart as a loser with no woman but get the girl in the end.


It’ll probably be Melissa McCarthy.


As for the rest: In Paul Blart 1, he secures a mall; in Paul Blart 2, he secures a casino. Now we need to up the stakes AND appeal to the international audience, hence he will be flown to CHINA to secure the opening of a new super mega mall in China. It’ll allow for some hilarious cultural misunderstandings which are really just … racism. He’ll fail with chop sticks, get a rub and tug, and fail to fit into a small seat because everyone in Asia is small!




Steve Carr directed the first film but the second Paul Blart was helmed by Andy Fickman. That won’t stand. In an effort to spread his fat-armed wings, our main man himself will direct: yup, Paul Blart 3 will be directed by Kevin James. Who could also bring down the Big Hero 6 franchise by jumping over there too. Kevin James truly is a talented man.



The Paul Blart 3 name is…


It won’t just be “Mall Cop.” No no no. It’ll be Paul Blart: Jumping Cop, Hidden Mall.



Third Paul Blart: Mall Cop Cast


Jackie Chan will appear, so people can feel like it isn’t racist.  Will Smith, fresh off of I Am Legend 2, Hancock 2, and Suicide Squad will be a surprise as well. Otherwise, Kevin James will return as Paul Blart in Paul Blart 3; Adam Sandler; Raini Rodriguez will come back, as she’s become the emotional core of the series and it must have that otherwise what are they doing, making these things for non-artistic reasons?


Paul Blart 3 TRAILER



Paul Blart 3 will not be distinguishable from Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Paul Blart 2 in any way, shape, or form.





The POSTER for the third Paul Blart movie


Paul Blart 3 poster




Paul Blart 3 PHOTOS


Paul Blart 3


Paul Blart 3


Paul Blart 3



Paul Blart 3


The Third Paul Blart film WILL BE WRITTEN BY


Paul Blart 3 will be written by Kevin James and Adam Sandler. Sandler owes James a favor for appearing in Grown Ups 3. Nick Bakay will write Paul Blart 3 as well, since he’s been involved in the first two disasters.




The first Paul Blart came out in a random January and took the world by storm (see below for more details). Paul Blart 2 came out in April. Keeping with an early release, Paul Blart 3 will debut in March, 2018. It will be cranked out in three weeks.


Paul Blart 3 BOX OFFICE


And this is why Paul Blart exists. The first film cost something like $10 million to make – and it brought in nearly $200 million world wide. The second Paul Blart still made well over $100 million and costs nothing to make. With a push towards the international market, Paul Blart 3 will make $250 million dollars – helped by the first time the world gets to see Kevin James in 3D.


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