SJWs React To The New Death Wish Trailer

August 5th, 2017 by Chris Holowicki

It’s here! The first look at Eli Roth’s “Death Wish”.  A remake of the classic revenge epic from 1974 where this time around, Bruce Willis stars as a man hell-bent on avenging the deaths of his murdered family!  To do so, he’ll have to fight his way through the crime ridden streets of Chicago.


Sounds pretty bitchin, right?  Well believe it or not, people are offended.  Regressive leftists and SJWs alike have crawled out of the sewer to make ridiculous claims that what looks like a simple, by the numbers revenge flick, is actually “fascist propaganda”.  Some twitter users even went as far as to accuse Eli Roth(Jew) of being part of the “alt-right”(white nationalist identitarian movement).


Are these attacks warranted? Do SJWs know the definition of ANY of the buzzwords they lob at people?  Lets dive into this trailer breakdown and try to figure out what these sensitive Sally’s are crying about. 😉






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