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UFC 209: Another stupid interim UFC title; Woodley vs Wonderboy 2

January 10th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin

I was gonna write this yesterday but had the day off and so I played with my dogs instead.  We were all happy with my decision.


Just short news and rantings from me about UFC 209.  It’ll be in Vegas and in March.  There was a show scheduled for the night before but it has been cancelled.  These things happen.  No one will notice or care.


What they will notice is that UFC 209 is headlined by a rematch of UFC 205’s really good Welterweight Title Fight, Tyron Woodley vs Wonderboy!  The first fight was a majority draw, with Wonderboy coming on strong in a few rounds – though a draw was fair enough.  This is a good fight.  This is a solid PPV headliner.  No, it isn’t a million buy show.  Or 500,000.  But maybe 250,000 or so.


The semi-main is also likely a title fight: A FAKE TITLE FIGHT!  The word on the street is that Khabib Nurmagomedov will face Tony Ferguson for the newly minted Interim UFC Lightweight Championship.  This is just about as dumb as the UFC 206 Interim Feathweight Title bullshit.  Yeah, Conor said he’s taking some time off – maybe even a WHOLE TEN MONTHS!  Fucking Cain went like three years between title defenses.  This all just reeks of the UFC doing this shit over and over again.  I blame WWE-IMG-97.6 for this.  It’s just the fucking dumbest, shortsighted, boxing mindset bullshit. (I don’t care if this doesn’t come true, this is all still applicable after the 206 shit.)


Conor fought in NOVEMBER!  He fought three times last year and three the year before.  Fuck, I’ll bet he’s ready to go for the big July show.  Then the UFC will try to sell the bullshit, “UNIFICATION TITLE FIGHT” shit to people.  No.  It isn’t.  This isn’t a real interim champion.  There are times when maybe one is needed but just because you’re PPV is weak-ish doesn’t mean you just create more trinkets to hand out.  Sweet FUCK is this stupid.  Why not make EVERY big fight a title fight?  Create an intercontinental title, a US title, a mid-atlantic title, a Texarkana belt, and so on.  And make sure you have one of those for every division.


And to think, we’re just a few weeks away from the company creating ANOTHER belt, the already pointless and useless women’s featherweight belt.


Whatever.  At least the two fights at UFC 209 will be good.


Oh, and Hunt vs Overeem is on this one too.



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