UFC shanghais Silva and Gastelum into fight

UFC shanghais Silva and Gastelum into fight

August 10th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin




The world of man fighting has a shared dream wherein Anderson Silva and Kelvin Gastelum clash inside a steel cage. This bout cannot happen on the shores of America, for reasons unknown to mortals but which make sense to the gods.


Once, it was decreed that the two would fight in Brazil, but an evil weed found itself in the urine if Gastelum, and so it was cancelled. But though the wheel of history has many spokes, they all come around once again in time.


Silva and Gastelum have just announced that they’ll make that dream a reality. The two men will fight as part of the UFC’s first show in Shanghai, China. Though we know not now if this shall headline the show, we can sleep counting the days until we are all woke.


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