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Underworld 5: Blood War | 2017 | Movie Trailer, Release Date & More – Will there be a Underworld 5?

January 12th, 2017 by The PunMaster General


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Underworld 5, which will likely end up being called Underword: Blood Wars (CAUSE THEY’RE VAMPIRES) or possibly Next Generation (so as to confuse with Star Trek TV shows, no doubt) will continue the tale started in Underworld: Awakening. Now, yes, technically, it follows the events of all the Underworld films and sequels, but in many respects the fourth film was a reinvention for the series. The first 2 films did their thing, which was mainly following Selene and her love Michael as they evolved as vampires and werewolves, here called Lycans. I am a huge fan of the first two films, especially the first, but the series has had a bit of a downward spiral since then. The third film, which told the original Underworld’s back story in more detail, just wasn’t up to snuff (though it had Bill Nighy, so I won’t complain too much), and the fourth film didn’t quite have the same quality level in my eyes. Michael was essentially missing from the film, and you could tell they wanted to do something different (not always a bad thing) and it didn’t connect like the first film. I’d say there’s potential for the fifth Underworld film, and I will no doubt see it in theaters since I’ve come this far, but I’m worried they won’t know how to tell the next tale with the same quality as the first two.

Underworld 5

Underworld Blood War
No real word on the for the fifth Underworld yet, but I’m thinking there’s gonna be a… (wait for it)… Blood War to determine who the… (KEEP WAITING)… NEXT GENERATION of Vampire and Lycan leaders will be! And Kate Beckensale’s Selene will be in the middle of the conflict, kicking but while paradoxically trying to get both sides to find peace and understanding with one another. And she’ll look way too hot for a 42 year old woman. Rawr.

Underworld 5 Director

Anna Foerster will direct Underworld 5, the first time a lady has directed a film in the series. This is also her theatrical directing debut, so hopefully she can take all the badassery she learned from directing 4 episodes of Outlander (LOLZ) to make a proper sequel to the orignal flicks directed by Len Wiseman. Fun fact: Wiseman directed the first two Underworld films, in which he stole Kate Beckinsale away from her long-time romantic partner Michael Sheen (who was also in the film), and he’s producing Underworld 5. He and Beckinsale are married and had kids together. And now they’re getting divorced! WHAT A FUN RED CARPET THEY’LL HAVE!

Underworld 5 Writers

Cory Goodman is taking over as write for Underworld: Blood War. He has not written for the series previously, but he did write Priest, starring Paul Bettany, which is a heck of a lot like Underworld, and he wrote The Last Witch Hunter, another very similar project. Of course, neither of those did very well at the box office, so he might not end up helping the franchise, which is at a struggling point right now.

Underworld 5 Posters & Pictures

Underworld 5 Trailer


Underworld 5 Trailer

The Underworld: Blood War trailer hasn’t been released just yet, so you’ll have to make do with the trailer for the no doubt much better first Underworld below. Imagine it’s like this, but not as well done. But Kate Beckinsale still looks amazing. So you’ll have that to look forward to when the Underworld 5 trailer is actually released. And we’ll post it right away, right here!

Underworld 5 Release Date

Underworld 5 Release Date
The Underworld 5 release date is January, 2017. Or, if you’re British, like Kate, and all fancy, like Kate, you would say Underworld: Blood War releases on 21 October, 2016. Or maybe you’d go with 10/21/16, or, again to be fancy, 21/10/16. So many very strange and yet stupid ways to write a date. Let’s go with… 10 days before Halloween. SPOOKY!!

Underworld 5 Cast & Stars

The Underworld 5 cast is a veritable who’s who of the awesome actors below. You MAY have even heard of a few of them! You have Kate, of course, and DAYUM, and of course Tyrion, Cersei and Jaime’s dad, and that dude from Divergent, and… yeah, not the best cast. I wish Michael Sheen would return. He was cool as Lucian. Lucian the Lycan. Very cool.

  • Kate Beckinsale – Kate will return and play Selene once again. The original Underworld did wonders for Beckinsale’s career, as she proved she could actually be pretty cool and tough, so no doubt she’ll want to continue proving that even many years later. At this point, her vampire powers have to be pretty ridiculous, but they change a lot, so who’s to say what new abilities she’ll discover in the fifth installment of the Underworld franchise.
  • Theo James – Theo will return as David as well. This is his second film after being introduced last time around. He’s a vampire and a good guy who teamed with Selene to protect a little girl in the fourth film.
  • Charles Dance – Dance plays Thomas, this being his second time playing the character, though not the only time he’s played a vampire, as he was also in Dracula Untold. So… crossover??? WHAAA??
  • Lara Pulver – No exact word on Pulver’s character other than that she’ll be a vampire and a very ambitious one. Since the vampire world is pretty well-defined and extremely aristocratic in the Underworld universe, this could play out pretty well. She’ll probably blow Dance. I mean come to blows in a dancy way! Is dancy a word? Did you believe my change up of what she’ll do? Because when I hear ambitious, I generally think of blowing. And that isn’t sexist. If a fella were super ambitious, I’d be all, “He’s blowing his way to the top.” I’m a monster.
  • Tobias Menzies – Menzies will play a new Lycan leader to continue the ongoing war betwix vampires and werewolves. He’ll rally his troops Vin Diesel-style, saying clever stuff like, “To battle, dawgs!” And he’ll REALLY emphasize the W in dawgs, so you’ll know he’s so legit he can’t quit.


Best Actor/Actress in Underworld 5

Gotta go with Kate Beckinsale, just on the off-chance that she Google’s the film and reads this and thinks, “HUH, that guy must have a rather large pecker, I shall gobble it!” and then we bone. Happens all the time. Not to me, but to people. Also, she isn’t a half bad actress. Minus Van Helsing. She practically owes me a lil’ mouth action for that turd. Hugh Jackman too.

Worst Actor/Actress in Underworld 5

I’m going with Theo James as Underworld 5’s worst actor. Why? Divergent. Huh, look at that. I don’t really need to explain beyond that. Neat.

Potential Underworld 5 Titles


  • Underworld: Dead and Loving it (wait… that’s a title variant I used to Blade 4!)
  • I Am Underworld (dang it, that’s just like I Am Legend 2)
  • Overworld
  • Underdog
  • Thunderworld (the next Thor movie should be named this)
  • Underworld: Blood Lines (this is actually pretty good, as I keep thinking this is the name and accidentally writing it instead of Blood War)
  • Underworld 4.5 (ooohhhh, a halfsie!)
  • Underworld 5: Selene’s Finally Nude!
  • Blunderworld (Missed opportunity for the blooper reel, if you ask me)
  • Undergirl (this sounds sexy to me)
  • Underworld Five
  • Underworld Treasure (these movies are like National Treasure 3… right?)


Potential Underworld 5 Plotlines


Underworld 5 Plot Option 1:

This first potential Underworld 5 plot is a crossover with Zombieland 2. Why? Because they have zombies, which are sort of like vampires and werewolves, and Zombieland was funny as heck, so why not inject a little of that funny as heck into Underworld? Just kidding. The story would follow Selene as she continues to learn more about vampires, lycans and her own extraordinary abilities while grappling with loosely-Shakespearaen family feuds and… this is the plot of the others ones. Okay, but it’s in THE FUTURE! And her boyfriend is missing, and she has a sort of daughter from the last one, who she’s trying to protect because bad guys always want the young child who has the power to destroy us all under their control (this is why we don’t let children be powerful), and she has guns and can fight with a sword if it looks cool on screen for a few minutes, and ultimately she’s just looking sexy in a black leather outfit. Wait, I just described the other ones again, didn’t I? Nuts.

Underworld: Blood Wars Plot Option 2:

Underworld 5: Blood Wars opens on Selene taking down a new group that’s threatening innocent people. What makes this group unique is they’re a collection of humans, vampires and lycans. All three have come together under the leadership of a charismatic new lycan how promises a new world for all those who join him. Much like Lucien in the first Underworld, he has good reason to dislike the vampires and many valid points about how the world should be run. But he uses means that are unethical, leading to a new war, over blood cause o’ the title, and Selene is the only one with the strength to challenge both sides, as she is both vampire and lycan, but also something more. And then she shoots people with guns and has a sword fight.

Will Underworld 5 Be Worth Seeing?

Honestly, I’m undecided. I wasn’t happy with the last one, and only really saw it in theaters because there was a massive blizzard and I wanted to avoid rush hour traffic. I’m hopeful for a good new Underworld film, and I’ll definitely be curious to see the trailer, but I’m not going to let my hopeful nature get the best of me. I fear the series’ best days are well behind it.

Underworld 5 Box Office Forecast

I can’t imagine Underworld 5’s box office will be terribly impressive. The Underworld franchise has grossed around $500 million to date, which ain’t too shabby, but in the modern action movie climate it looks unimpressive. I’d say if the fifth entry can break $100 million domestically it’ll be a huge win.

Will there be a Underworld 5 Online Release?

Underworld 5 will be online pretty quickly I’d say. You’ll have access through Netflix, iTunes and what not in practically no time. It releases in October, and it is not unrealistic to think the film will be released online by Christmas, though if I had to guess I’d bet they go for early 2017 so they aren’t completely ignored during the holiday season.

Final Thoughts on Underworld 5

I genuinely want the next Underworld movie to be good. Blood Wars could be a return to past quality and a big moment for Kate Beckinsale, who has mostly fallen off the map in the last few years. The first Underworld really helped make her a star (she was already famous, but Underworld helped her become marketable). Underworld 5 could be the movie that gets her back to the spotlight in a legit way. I’m not going to hold out too much hope, but there’s definitely potential and I, for one, would definitely like to see it do well.

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