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Your attention seeking Conor McGregor Tweet!!!

May 9th, 2016 by Mike Coughlin


I came up with this idea last week but it is only serendipitous that this will arrive on a Tuesday plus making the mean girls meme all the better.   The premise of this is simple and it will not only apply to McGregor but generally I find that he has been on a particular streak of lightning in these tweets. But if another publicly butt hurt fighter acts like a movie cliche let us know!! And so when we see something apparently stupid we will bring it to your attention because it’s easy and free for us to do. And also because maybe you will like it but that’s just secondary to our laziness


Conor tweet



Just fuck off, you dumb piece of shit. May weather might actually be able to dick fuck your tonsils if it’s a boxing match. That’s to say nothing of obviously the UFC having a billion safeguards in place. You, sad, stupid, lame joke: you went with a lie published by The Sun (“THE TRUTH.”) or fed it to them to make a fake story. You thought you could play swim with the sharks but now you’re a fat kid in the deep end be and you can barely tread water.


Did you predict this thing?

One Response to “Your attention seeking Conor McGregor Tweet!!!”

May 10, 2016 at 2:08 pm, Dave said:

I really think Conor is jumping the shark unless he stops this. Let’s be honest, will his Diaz fight (assuming they do it), draw as big as it would have before all this bullshit? Not anymore. People are starting to yawn at Conor’s antics. What he is doing is backfiring to say the least and that isn’t because people are haters.

The guy just needs to can it, and book the fight for UFC 201 or 202 and get on with it. Stay fit and ready in case there is an injury to DC or JJ and he can “save the show” at 200. Sometimes bravado needs to step back and this is one of those times.

In wrestling terms he is heading in the direction of “go away heat”; and that is not a good place to be.


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