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#118: Giant Black Men Who Hit Hard Before Making Their Own Waffles

December 7th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin

What’s next for Max Holloway? Stupid ass titles exist or don’t. Man runs some breakfast joint. Gay cakes.


OK. Bye, iTunes quick look preview thing, hello real people who truly matter!



UFC Review(s) – First ever Women’s Flyweight Champ – First Native American Champ- Rough weight cut – Foxy Roxy

UFC 219- How good is Holloway? Is Aldo done as an elite FW? Should he reitre? Is Ngannou the hardest hitter in MMA? Alvarez vs Gaethje. Cowboy Oliveira vs. Yancy Medieros.

UFC 220 in Boston has added Ngannou vs Stipe

Bellator Had a show?

Greg Hardy fought again.
Mark Hunt’s brain is totally normal.

GSP going back to 170 because of diarrhea.
Cerrone should fight Gaethje at 155.
CM Punk met with Dana and got his blue belt.

Stevens vs Do Ho Choi in St Louis on Jan 14
Michael Johnson vs Darren Elkins in St Louis on Jan 14

5 years ago today- Dana White declares Ronda Rousey the first UFC women’s champion

Bellator Preview
UFC Fight Night Preview – Swanson vs Ortega


Russia banned from Olympics
Roger Goodell aint going nowhere.
Gronk suspended for a week.
Supreme Court and gay wedding cakes
Don resuscitate tattoo
Waffle house cook
Florida possum bourbon






And makes sure to show your love for MMA AND STUFF (but only if you support a two state solution for Oregon).


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