#25: Grady, Coughlin, MMA, evil lawyers, GMOs, and too much Mike for Matt to handle

August 11th, 2016 by Mike Coughlin

Bear Witness to 90 minutes of madness.  Mike was in a mood and poor Matt had to deal with it.  It was all Mike ranting and raving and being a little bitch (hey!) whilst Grady tried to maintain some semblance of a show.  Like deal with an out of control Aspie who managed to get hold of a phone.


What was discussed?  Well…


Bisping vs Henderson: pros and cons.

A rant about GMOs, because Mike won’t let it go

… Other Things

Mike being back on the bottle, for at least a day or two

A tease about a big awesome article Mike wrote

GSP using drugs

More Other Things


Look, Matt did a good job of keeping it on track and MMA related.


Now, look, boobs.


Sexy Elizabeth Hurley


You pigs.

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