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The Best of Boring Options to Headline UFC 219

November 16th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin




UFC 219 has a main-event after all. The UFC announced a title fight that’ll headline the PPV, that is to say a show they expect you to spend upwards of $50 to watch: Cris Cyborg vs Holly Holm. Oh, yeah, that’ll sell well.


Cyborg is who she is, which is a woman who wants to be seen as a beauty but whose appeal is as a beast. She’s violent and beats up women who are smaller than her very mannish frame.


Holm has one win in the last two years, a knock out of Bethe back in June, and a bunch of losses, including her only UFC fight at 145 lbs. If that isn’t a resume that screams TITLE SHOT then I don’t know what is. Seriously, people, Ronda Rousey has fewer losses in her life than Holm has had since UFC 193.


I won’t lie, I’m a bit old fashioned in that I think you should try to book fights that people want to pay money to see but I guess that’s why WMEI has the big bucks. Of everything they had to main-event, I guess this is OK. It’s better than Jimmy Rivera vs Random Midget or Cyborg vs Not Holly Holm or Nunes vs Who Knows.


Btw, there have to be even odds that the head of WMEI sexed a woman in a bad way, right? No one ever sexed Cyborg. 🙁


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