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Don’t Pay Your Taxes, It’s Called FREEdom

April 17th, 2018 by Mike Coughlin


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Today is Tax Day in the United States of America. Usually, this is around April 15th of every year but this year it falls on April 17th. What a great day to be alive, the day when you get to officially give the government a bunch of your money. Oh, I know that many of us get a tax refund on our income taxes that we paid in, but I think a lot of that just distracts from the fact that we will probably never see a dime of our Social Security or Medicare or any of that FICA tax. If you pay taxes you’ll never benefit from them.


And it did just occurr to me that this is a great Evergreen type of post that I can recycle every year on this day so as to fluff up content. I’m not really sure if that has anything to do with the government except that I promise I’ll never pay taxes on any money I make from this website as my own personal Fuck You to Uncle Sam. He might be an uncle but sometimes uncles touch you on your underpants right before he lets you know how much he enjoys sitting on your warm bicycle seat while he wears his 1970s style basketball shorts.


That’s what the government is and I laugh at the rest of the world because all of you see your life in terms of the government being an absolute necessity. You have no freedom of spirit. Well, dammit, my ancestors came West in a moment of bravery. They were Cowboys and Settlers and those that had nothing and saw to create everything. I’ll be damned if I ever take that for granted. Don’t pay your taxes, buy all the guns you can, and if you need, make sure to stock up on canned goods.


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