Get the Gringo 2 (2021) RUMORS & NEWS - SHOULD THERE BE a Get the Gringo 2?!

Get the Gringo 2 (2021) RUMORS & NEWS – SHOULD THERE BE a Get the Gringo 2?!

May 18th, 2018 by Mike Coughlin



If there was ever a man I think the world would universally agree should be the white man’s representative in Mexico it is Mel Gibson.


(Note: This post is updated with all additional information as it becomes available so keep checking back for more!)


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Will There Be Get the Gringo 2

Mel Gibson is at the point in his life where if he doesn’t produce, write, direct, and star in a movie, he’s not getting near one.


Get the Gringo 2 RUMORS

There is already some leaked dialogue, which we reprint in full for you:


Mel Gibson: Stay on this phone and don’t hang up on me. I have plenty of energy to drive over there. You understand me? AND I WILL! SO JUST F—— LISTEN TO ME. LISTEN TO MY F—— RANTING. LISTEN TO WHAT YOU DO TO ME.

OG: I didn’t do anything to you.

MG: A pain in the ass!

OG: You are ruining my life!

MG: You make my life so f—— difficult!

OG: Well you know what, it’s so –

MG: Why can’t you be a woman who f—— supports me instead of a woman that sucks off me. And just f—— sucks me dry. And wants, and wants. Go through this relationship if you’re a good woman and you love me. I don’t believe you anymore. I’m sick of your bulls—! Has any relationship ever worked with you? NO!

OG: Listen to me. You don’t love me because somebody who loves does not behave this way.


MG: Shut the f— up. I know I’m behaving like this because I know absolutely that you do not love me and you treat me with no consideration.

OG: One second please. Can I please speak?

MG: I love you because I’ve treated you with every kindness, every consideration. You rejected … you will never be happy. F— you! Get the f— away from me! But my daughter is important! All right? Now, you have one more chance. And I mean it. Now f—— go if you want, but I will give you one more chance. (huffing with anger) You make me wanna smoke. You f—– my day up. You care about yourself.

OG: You’re so selfish.

MG: When I’ve been so f—— good to you. You f—— try to destroy me.

OG: I didn’t do anything. I did not do anything. This is your selfish imagination. That’s bull!

MG: Shut the f— up! You should just f—— smile and blow me! ‘Cause I deserve it.

OG: I’m sleeping with the baby. I’m waking up every two hours. I fell asleep because I was waiting for you because you weren’t ready to go to the jacuzzi as we agreed.

MG: Who the f— cares? We agreed nothing. You agreed. You just f—— expect s—. Go to the g–damn jacuzzi yourself, go down to the f—— jacuzzi. You have no f—— soul! My soul is screaming because you don’t have one to join mine. You have no f—— soul. I left my wife because we had no spiritual common ground. You and I have none. Zero. You won’t even f—— try. (huffing again) You don’t care. You don’t care.

OG: You just enjoy insulting me. That’s all.

MG: F— you, I so f—— do. Because you’ve hurt me so bad. You insult me with every look, every breath, every heartbeat.

OG: I did not do anything. I apologize for nothing.

MG: What? What? You apologize for nothing? Well then you’re a dishonest c—! Because you need to apologize for a reason.

OG: I wanted to have peace. You are unbalanced.

MG: Instinctively, I feel that. And I will not be patronized by you.

OG: You’re unbalanced. You need medication.

MG: If you will not f—— admit that, then get the f— out. I will make your g–damn life miserable. Alright?

OG: You need medication.

MG: What? What?

OG: You need medication.

MG: I need a woman, not a f—— little girl with a f—– dysfunctional c—. I need a f—— woman. I don’t need medication. You need a f—— bat to the side of the head. All right? How about that? You need a f—— doctor. You need a f—— brain transplant. You need a f—— … you need a f—— soul.

I need medication? I need someone who f—— treats me like a man, like a human being. With kindness, who understands what gratitude is because I f—— bend over backwards with my balls in a knot. and she gives me s— with a f—— sour look and says I’m mean. What the f— is that? This is mean! Get it! You get it now? What mean is? Get it? (huffing)

You f—— don’t care about me. I’m having a hard time and you f—— yank the rug, you bitch. You f——, selfish bitch. Don’t you dare hang up on me.

OG: I can’t listen to this anymore.

MG: You hang up, I’m coming over there.

OG: I’ll call the police.

MG: What?

OG: I’ll call the police.

MG: You f—— c—. I’m coming to my house. You’re in my house, honey.

OG: Yes, but you … don’t call me honey.

MG: You’re in my house, so I’ll call the police and tell them there’s someone in my house. How about that?

OG: You can do that. That’s fine.

MG: F— you! I don’t involve the police in anything because I stand up for myself. You, you weak c—, you call the f—— cops.

OG: Then I will go to Alicia’s right now.

MG: Why don’t you f— off to that c— bitch Alicia’s. She was f—— making eyes at me. She’d have s—– me in 5 seconds. Take that one up with her. I was trying to spare your g–damn feelings. She’d have b—- me in 5 seconds! She’s not your friend. You don’t have any f—— friends except me. And you treat me like s—. So that’s why I’m so f—— angry. Because I don’t have any friends. And I try to make one from you and you treat me like s— and you f—— use me. The career is over! And boy, when I said that, you lit out of here faster than I’ve ever seen you before. And now you’ll be at Alicia’s place. You just showed me what you are. Absolutely. Unequivocally.

OG: I don’t care if you don’t spend another penny. Listen to me, Mel, I don’t give a damn if you don’t spend another penny on me.

MG: Oh yes you do!

OG: I’m just fearing for the life of my daughter.

MG: You’ll find some other f—– to pay for you.

OG: Listen to me…

MG: You’re a c— and a whore! That’s what you are and you have just proved it. You got out of here in record time.

OG: Because I’m saving my life and my daughter’s life. That’s what I’m doing. I don’t give a damn about my music. And I don’t give a damn about you spending another penny. I’m saving her life. You almost killed us, did you forget?

MG: The last three years have been a f—— gravy train for you.

OG: You were hitting a woman with a child in her hands. You! What kind of a man is that, hitting a woman when she’s holding a child in her hands? Breaking her teeth, twice, in the face. What kind of man is that?

MG: Oooh, you’re all angry now! You know what, you f—— deserved it.

OG: You’re gonna answer, one day, boy, you’re gonna answer.

MG: Huh? What? Are you threatening me?

OG: Nothing, nothing. I’m not the one to threaten.

MG: I’m threatening you? I’ll put you in a f—— rose garden, you c—. You understand that? Because I’m capable of it. You understand that? Get a f—— restraining order. For what? What are you gonna get a restraining order for? For me being drunk and disorderly? For hitting you? For what?


Possible Get the Gringo 2 Names

  • Steal the Spic
  • Release the Gringo
  • A Gringo Ate Your Baby
  • Make The Gringo Great Again


Who’s directing Get the Gringo 2?

I think Mel Gibson should do it.  Last time, he used some other dude but that guy hasn’t done anything since.  Whatever it takes to make sugar tits happy.


Get the Gringo 2 Writers

I love that Gibson wrote a movie where he’s the only white guy amongst a bunch of brown ones and he’s the hero.  Awesome stuff, Mel.


Get the Gringo 2 Pictures


WATCH Get the Gringo 2 Trailer



Get the Gringo 2 Release Date

Straight to Netflix in 2021, so said one of our sources.


Get the Gringo 2 Cast

Mel Gibson will return for the sequel to Get the Gringo.  Everyone else involved will be a new casting.


Get the Gringo 2 Box Office

I’m guessing whatever money it makes won’t be seen by Mel because of, ya know, The Jews.


Final Thoughts on Get the Gringo 2

I’m called The Gingo in certain Latino Sex Club Circles.  I give them the right to cross the border that is my jean’s zipper.


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