Khabib Talks Trash; Mike Mocks Ethnicities

November 22nd, 2017 by Mike Coughlin

Some Backwards Thinking Eastern Euro Country



Khabib is like most Russians in that he talks shit, thinks he deserves things just ‘cause, and isn’t good at making weight. Wait, maybe that’s Muslims. Or high school wrestlers. One of those.


Mr. N (I’m doing this on my phone so there’s no way I’m spelling all that out) was on Daniel Cormier’s podcast and spoke about his future.


Oh, yeah, DC also has a podcast. I have a VERY perverse desire to listen to it because I bet that bad boy is a bucket of fun and laughs. Unfiltered DC is the best DC. He probably makes Dad Jokes unironically


How about I cut and paste some of the stuff Khabib said so you can read it?


My opinion, I have to fight for the title, you know. I deserve this. This is not about eight-fights in the UFC, this is about all my career since 2008. My plan is fight Edson Barboza. First of all, make weight. Second, beat this guy. And next year year want to fight Tony Ferguson. This is my plan. Me versus Conor is a good fight too, but first of all I have to finish. We have unfinished business with Tony Ferguson. I really, really want to smash this guys face. This is what I want. Sometimes you just don’t like somebody and it’s OK. Like, I think everywhere, everybody, there’s somebody who don’t like you. You know what I like about Tony Ferguson? I can smash him and the UFC are going to pay me money. UFC are going to pay me money.


The part where he says he first has to make weight is the best part. Dude, YOU HAD A FUCKING (interim) TITLE FIGHT AND FUCKED IT THE FUCK UP, STFU. Damn commies.


At least he knew enough to not pretend he’s fighting Conor anytime soon.


Not a lot of people can get the chance to like, sometimes you don’t like your neighbor, or sometimes you don’t like somebody you know, but you can smash them or you can call police. You can go jail, this guy can make you problem. But about Ferguson, no, I don’t like this guy and I’m going to smash this guys’ face and the UFC are going to pay me. I love this. I love this sport. This is different situation. I talk like this with Michael Johnson because when I take his arm in Kimura, I can break his arm too, you know, but I go slowly and I talk with him because I respect him. I don’t want to give him damage. He already lose this fight, why I give him damage? I respect him. But about Tony Ferguson is a different story. If I take his arm like this I’m going to break his arm 100-percent.”


His talking to Johnson at UFC 205 really was awesome as hell, I’ll give him that one. I actually would pay money to watch him do that to Conor.


I’d also be afraid to be his neighbor. Or wife. I bet he beats his wife, a bet I make based on his being Russian, Muslim, and a cage fighter.


(Islam Hate is fashionable these days, guys.)


You can listen to the whole thing HERE.


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