Real Steel 2 (2021) RUMORS, Plot, Cast, and Release Date News - WILL THERE BE Real Steel 2?!

Real Steel 2 (2021) RUMORS, Plot, Cast, and Release Date News – WILL THERE BE Real Steel 2?!

March 21st, 2018 by Mike Coughlin



It was mocked as being a movie version of Rock Em Sock Em Robots and, well, that’s kinda what it was but so what? Robots boxing for our entertainment is probably the future anyways so we might as well embrace the rumored franchise that is Real Steel.


(Note: This post is updated with all additional information as it becomes available so keep checking back for more!)


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Will There Be a Real Steel 2

A source speaking on the condition of anonymity, one who asked us to remind you that while he is a casting director he never raped any famous actresses, stressed that this is almost as close to a sure thing as exists in the world. We shall see.


Real Steel 2 RUMORS

Hugh Jackman needs a vehicle for his pretty, gay version of Clint Eastwood, face. His run on Wolverine looks to be over, which isn’t a bad thing because all good things must come to an end, despite Bryan Singer desperately clinging to the franchise so that he can stay relevant. And he needs to stay relevant so that he can rape underaged little boys. It’s a damning cycle of sex, I know. Anyways, with Logan being his swan song, he is free to return to his two loves in life: Real Steel and musicals. I personally hope this film is a combination of the two but I doubt it. HOWEVER, our source(s) tell us that this time the film will feature robots doing mixed martial arts. Yup, it’s Real Steel meets UFC! Oh, and the kid will be grown up and needs to fight so he can win prize money so that Jackman can get a life saving surgery. I don’t understand how the future has fighting robots but not robot surgeons but I blame it on capitalism.


Possible Real Steel 2 Names

  • Fake Steel
  • Really Steel
  • Real Adamantium
  • Pro Wrestling Steel


Who’s directing Real Steel 2?

Shawn Levy steered the Real Steel ship the first time around so why would anyone deny him the pleasure a second time? He also does Night at the Museum movies, which is weird.

The Real Steel 2 Writers

Get a bunch of nerds, throw them in a room, add in some weed and a promise to see a real live woman naked and VOILA! I mean, that’s how they did it the first time, ya know?



Real Steel 2 Pictures



Real Steel 2 Trailer


Real Steel 2 Release Date

October 7, 2021, marking the ten year anniversary of the first movie’s premier. What? That could be a thing, you don’t know.


Real Steel 2 Cast

Hugh Jackman


Should you see Real Steel 2?

Yes. They’re gonna do something crazy cool with the SFX. I mean it. The first film was nominated for an Academy Award so there’s a lot of pressure there. I wish the robot had won and given the acceptance speech.



Real Steel 2 Box Office

A lot. Half a billion at least. The first movie was a money making MINT – especially overseas, where the populace is dead inside and thus looks to robots to save them.



Final Thoughts on Real Steel 2

Pacific Rim and Logan combine to make an awesome movie. You can kiss my ass if you disagree: REAL STEEL FOR LIFE!



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