Scientists develop vaccine that cures Autism; Anti-Vaxxers dazed and confused.

May 14th, 2018 by Chris Najdek

New York City, New York


A major breakthrough in modern vaccination is being praised by the medical community. Scientists at a college for really smart people have developed a cure for Autism via this new vaccine tentatively named “The AAVV” or Anti Anti Vaxxer Vaccine.


Thousands of anti vaccination advocates are now torn as to what to do.


While the vaccine is not perfect as some of the side affects include polio, measles mumps, and hepatitis C, many anti-vaxxers are still opting for the vaccine while some are just sitting in a corner holding a pillow crying either tears of joy or just pissed off they were wrong.


Jenny McCarthy could not be reached for comment at press time as she was said to be busy dating the other Wahlberg brother.


Once perfected the CDC says this vaccine will eradicate an estimated several hundred thousand anti-vaxxers across the country.


More on this story as it developes.


*discalimer, it’s a parody, and try not to travel out of the country without your kids being vaccinated. I can’t afford polio meds…


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