Thor 4 (2021) RUMORS & NEWS - SHOULD THERE BE a Thor 4?!

Thor 4 (2021) RUMORS & NEWS – SHOULD THERE BE a Thor 4?!

May 17th, 2018 by Mike Coughlin



I assume they’re going to do another Thor movie. We spoke with a source in Hollywood in another one in the comic book industry and they both told me they would be completely surprised if there is not another Thor movie. Let’s get to it and see what there might be.


(Note: This post is updated with all additional information as it becomes available so keep checking back for more!)


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Will There Be Thor 4

The last Thor movie surprised everyone when it became one of the most successful Marvel films of all time. This is especially true because the second Thor movie wasn’t that much of a success. Financially and critically it did not seem to connect with people. But now marvel is back and better than ever.



Obviously the events of infinity war will determine everything that happens with the next Thor movie. And that means that there are almost no rumors at all about what could take place. This makes sense. However, I think that there are so many great and wonderful stories that they could use, in particular all of the work that has been done by Jason Aaron as of late. He has really found a way to focus on the idea of for being a god and there being those that want to kill a god. I don’t think that they will go the route of having a female Thor because nobody wants to see Natalie Portman return but they could easily have Thor lose an arm as he fights a god hating force of nature. I’d like to see that, wouldn’t you?


thor dog

Have at thee… good boy.


Possible Thor 4 Names

  • Th4r
  • Death of Thor
  • For Asgard
  • Thor’s Hammer


Who’s directing Thor 4?

it is interesting because the directors of Marvel movies are very important of course but Marvel has shown a willingness to get rid of them if they think the director is going too far. We saw this with Ant-man and avengers and even the Thor franchise. The most important people behind the Marvel cinematic universe are not the directors or writers but the producers. And I’m not just saying that because they gave me a lot of money.



Thor 4 Writers

I think they should just give Stan lee credit for everything that is directed or written or produced by marvel. Just have one person listed in the credits and that they are whole audience wonder to themselves “how the holy hell did that guy do everything?”


Thor 4 Pictures

Thor KO Hulk Avengers


Thor KO Hulk Avengers

Hot and sexy Thor

Thor dec yes



WATCH Thor 4 Trailer



Thor 4 Release Date

I think they should shoot for a 2021 release date for Thor 4.


Thor 4 Cast

They can have a lot of fun and recast everyone because of the nature of gods being immortal. So of course their appearance will change over time. Chris Hemsworth is the only person that I think is more or less guaranteed to have a role because even though he has talked about moving on in the past I think it is very clear that he is perfect as Thor and likes and enjoys the role because it gives him box office success.


Thor 4 Box Office

would anybody really be surprised if the fourth Thor movie grossed $750 million?



Final Thoughts on Thor 4

I spent the first half of my life wondering if I would ever see a good comic book movie. I think I will spend the rest of my life wondering if I will ever see an end to comic book movies. I hope not.



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