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April 14th, 2018 by The PunMaster General

Trainwreck 2 is a sequel to the hit 2015 film starring Amy Schumer as a woman hitting a midlife crisis and realizing she wants more from a relationship than physical intimacy. The sequel will follow her relationship with Hader’s character, a big time sports doctor, as they survive a literal train wreck only to realize they’re both madly in love with Lebron James. Schumer, you’ve done it again!

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The Latest on the Trainwreck Sequel

Technically, Trainwreck 2 hasn’t been greenlit yet. So much like Grown Ups 3, which is a likely addition to the first 2 dummy movies and seems certain, this is a movie still very much in dreamland. Especially since Schumer hasn’t exactly crushed it after Trainwreck came out. That said, she has I Feel Pretty coming out soon and that looks like a winner, a Trainwreck sequel isn’t exactly a sure thing.
That said, before the first film even came out, Schumer was talking about it with costar Lebron James, who basically gave a pitch similar to mine, only he is more of the “swooping in when his best friend dies to band his hottie” story. And it’s Amy Schumer; not a hottie. Wait, I like that chubby model. Is fat hot now? Why am I chubbing up? Dang. I’m a chubby chaser.
Oh wait, no. That’s just me responding to the majesty of Lebron James in this Trainwreck 2 video:


Trainwreck 2 Plot Details

Okay, this comes straight from the vault of secrets. Seriously, I’m not supposed to be telling you this secret Trainwreck Sequel plot option: but it all begins in the taint. Note I didn’t say “A” taint, but “THE” taint. That’s right, a moist one too. The original taint. The one that started it all. The one that caused all men and women through all of history to remark, “That taint right” when they saw it.
In Trainwreck 2, Amy Schumer is going to massage one on camera. A real guy. Showing everything. She’s gonna oil up her hands and everything. And at some point she’s going to look right at the camera as she does it.
That’s the whole secret.

Trainwreck 2 Poster and Pictures

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Trainwreck 2 Strain

Oh, and for those looking for the Trainwreck 2 strain of your favorite wacky tobacco, that’s this:

trainwreck 2 strain

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