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January 12th, 2018 by Mike Coughlin

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The UFC has finally made a decision that’s awesome: Jimmy Smith has been hired to do color commentary.


The longtime Bellator announcer is second only to Joe Rogan in terms of being perfect as a bald, talking head type.  He’s a real black belt, he’s personable, funny, knows the fighters inside and out, and loves the sport of grown men hitting each other.


The moment Bellator pulled a Bellator and let him go, my giant MMA Cock got hard.  I wasn’t alone.  On the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan gushed effusively over Smith, talking about how he’d wanted to see Smith be hired by the UFC for years and so on.  Smith was coy at the time but he must’ve known: HE’S IN, BABY!


Look, the UFC has made some fucked up decisions since WMEI 97.9 bought the company but this ain’t one.  This is awesome and I’m so FUCKING happy.  Below are the normal quotes I throw in to pad the word count, feel free to read them and enjoy what Smith said about coming to the UFC and what the UFC said about Smith coming to the UFC.  HAPPY FUCKING DAYS ARE HERE!


Now, if they would only fire Daniel Cormier…


Jimmy Smith says:

I am honored to join the world’s premier combat sports brand in 2018. It is a privilege to call fights for a living and I can’t wait to join the tremendous UFC broadcast team to call the best fights in the world. To the UFC fans, I am thrilled to join you for this wild ride. See you all very soon!


UFC Executive Vice President of Operations and Production Craig Borsari said all this:

We’re very excited to have Jimmy Smith join the UFC production team and look forward to working him into a variety of different on-air talent roles. Jimmy’s extensive experience in mixed martial arts gives him a unique voice and great insight to breakdown the intricacies of our sport. We are excited to welcome him to the family.


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