Anderson Silva Suspended 12 months; fined a ton of money; no word on penis

August 13th, 2015 by Mike Coughlin



In what has just wrapped up (after almost five hours or so), Anderson Silva has been formally suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for 12 months.  He was also fined his entire win bonus and 30% of his show money: a total of $380,000.00.


The hearing itself was a mixed bag of interpreters not being good enough, Silva’s manager Ed Soares being brought in to translate, the commission then verifying his translation, and so on.


None of Silva’s story seemed to add up, as he said everything was because of a mysterious liquid a friend from Thailand gave him to help with “sexual performance.”  No one knew what it was nor could anyone give a reasonable explanation for why he didn’t get a prescription from a doctor beyond, “I would have been embarrassed.”


Silva’s testimony was all over the place.  He changed the dates of when he was using and wasn’t using said mystery liquid and the commission specifically found him to simply not be credible.  Whether a language issue or not, he didn’t look good at all.


The commissioners specifically noted that they were giving him the higher end of the permissible punishment because he wouldn’t admit anything nor take any responsibility for his actions.


Silva’s punishment will be retroactively beginning from basically last February.  In order to fight again, he will need to pass a drug test and be relicensed.  We had blow by blow coverage of the entire ordeal and it can be found HERE.


Not a good day to be Anderson Silva for sure.


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