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Blade 4 Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More – Will there be a Blade 4?

February 19th, 2016 by The PunMaster General

Blade 4 is another continuation of one of the original comic book film adaptations (at least in the modern era). The first Blade was a proving ground for making a more mature and modern take on comics, which led to the first X-Men film and so on and so forth until we come to today. Blade last fought a version of Dracula (though not as cool a version as was in Dracula Untold 2). Can he level it up again? Or would it better suit him to go smaller rather than bigger?

Blade 4

Blade is a half-human, half-vampire hybrid. Holy cow that’s the same thing as in Vampire Academy 2 and nearly what’s going on in Underworld 5. Ugh. At least this is the first one of those. So far as I know or care anyways. Blade had all of the strengths and non of their weaknesses. The most important of those weaknesses being sunlight, which Blade was immune to. Blade did have a vampire’s thirst though, so if he got hungry enough he would be as big a danger as the vamps he hunts and kills. Blade 4 might find him in that exact position, and give more weight to his actions and character. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if he was hunting vampires while dealing with having murdered someone in a blind fury (a BLADE fury?) cause by vampire hunger? I SAY YES!

Blade 4 Director

David Goyer directed the last Blade film, Blade Trinity, but I doubt he’ll come back for Blade 4. He wrote all three of the others, but he and Wesley Snipes clashed very publicly while making Blade Trinity, so he’s unlikely to return. Guillermo Del Toro made Blade 2, and though I didn’t love it, I love him as a director, so I’d welcome him returning to the franchise. Maybe crossover with Hellboy and Pacific Rim! Big vampire monsters from under the sea, which it turns out is a portal to hell! You need Hellboy to plug the hole to hell, and Blade to man a big fighting robot! And set it in China like Paul Blart 3!

Blade 4 Writers

I’m hopeful for David Goyer’s return, at least as a writer. He wrote the other three before moving on to Christopher Nolan’s Batman films and Man of Steel (and the upcoming Batman V. Superman). He knows comics and is a pretty talented writer.

Blade 4 Posters & Pictures


Blade 4 Poster


Blade 4 Trailer


Blade 4 Trailer


This isn’t a Blade 4 trailer, instead Blade Trinity’s, but it’s a full franchise trailer, showing off stuff from each film, so just imagine a 4 at the end and some new footage of a sword slicing up vampires. Man, Jessica Biel was so gorgeous when this came out.



Blade 4 Release Date


Blade 4 Release Date


The Blade 4 release date is most likely going to be in 2018 at the earliest. It isn’t in production yet and Marvel, who I believe reacquired the rights a little while back will want to handle the franchise correctly. They may just reboot the series, which would stink since we’ll lose Wesley Snipes, but if they tie it into their Netflix shoes, I’d be on board. I have a bet that this will come out after Zombieland 2, but who’s to say at this point?


Blade 4 Cast & Stars


Blade 4 Cast


The Blade 4 cast hasn’t been officially set yet, but the options we list below are the most likely stars to return. Here’s hoping!

  • Wesley Snipes – Well, if Wesley don’t return, I don’t wanna burn… okay that didn’t work. But Wesley Snipes IS Blade, ignoring the guy who briefly played him on that turd of a TV show, so he better come back! The Daywalker should never die!
  • Ryan Reynolds – I’m guessing Reynolds won’t return, at least as the same character, though I could see a Blade/Deadpool team up. Granted, that would completely change the tone of the film and make it more or less a Deadpool film, but considering how much moolah that made, I could see it.
  • Kris Kristofferson – Since he kicked the bucket in the third one, and I don’t mean he kicked a literal bucket but that should happen every time a character dies on screen, so if Kris returns as the father figure for Blade, it’ll be in a flashback.
  • Jessica Biel – Yes. Just yes. If she looks half as insanely hot as in the first one, I’ll have a blade in my pants, if you know what I mean. I MEAN AN ERECTION.
  • Luke Evans – He could play Dracula and then they tie Blade into the Dracula Untold 2 story! HOLY CRAP I’M A GENIUS! I have another idea…
  • Will Smith – WHY CAN’T A LEGEND BE IN THIS? So the timeline for this would be pre-I Am Legend 2, maybe even before the first one, and Dracula won the war and humanity is screwed. BAM.


Best Actor/Actress in Blade 4


EASILY the best actor in Blade 4 is Wesley Snipes. I mean, COME ON. The man IS Blade. He’s really embodied the role, in large part because Blade isn’t quite so well known as other comic book characters, so most folks know of Blade more from the movies than the comics. It was really wide open for Snipes to develop the character, and he did.


Worst Actor/Actress in Blade 4


Sorry Jess, but I have to go with Jessica Biel. She’s stunningly gorgeous and makes me think very VERY dirty thoughts, but she has never been much of an actress. She married Justin Timberlake though, so at least she’s set for life financially.


Potential Blade 4 Titles


  • Blade 4: Slapchopping Vampires
  • Blade 4: Hunting at a Vampire Academy
  • Blade 4 Free
  • Blade 4: Schick Quatro Edition
  • National Treasure 3: Blade Saves America
  • Blade Jogger (it’s like Blade Runner if you’re drunk!)
  • BL4DE
  • Blade Divinity
  • I Am Blade (crossover)
  • Blade Vs. Constantine (I don’t care if they’re separate universes, I WANT THIS
  • Blade & Ghost Rider Ride
  • Blade Saves the Minions


Potential Blade 4 Plotlines


Blade 4 Plot Option 1:

Blade 4 follows the vampire hunter as he takes on new threats outside of the bloodsucker variety. He learns of a rider with a flaming skull and the ability to judge a person’s soul. Determined to hunt the Ghost Rider, Blade sets out on an epic journey across not only the world, but the afterlife. He meets his mother again (the one he killed in the first one because it turned out she’d become a vampire) and gets a chance to rekill all his former enemies. Eventually, he learns he’s on the same side as Ghost Rider and they team up to take down Lex Luthor… oh, that’s Batman v Superman. Never mind.

Blade Sequel Plot Option 2:

This storyline is both more grand and more personal than ever before. Blade finds himself the headmaster of a vampire high school. He can’t go around killing all the vampires though, because he has to learn their secrets and who their master is. In this… Vampire Academy, Blade comes to care for some of the more innocent teenaged vampires, but when the moment comes that he learns all he needs to learn, Blade considers the rightness of ending these innocents. Then he does. Just stakes the crap out of all of them. The end.


Will Blade 4 Be Worth Seeing?


Well, the last Blade movie wasn’t so hot, but I like the series and the character, so I’ll be in line opening weekend for Blade 4. If for no other reason than to write a review that sorrowfully laments the state of his franchise.


Blade 4 Box Office Forecast


Blade 4’s box office potential isn’t that high. At least based on prior numbers. Interest was flagging for the last one, and that was 12 years ago. HOLY CRAP. Anyways, the one saving grace is that comic book movies were still in their infancy back then, so maybe there’d be renewed interest in it. They should really tie it into Daredevil though. Maybe have Blade guest star on season 3 and have that launch the next film. I’d watch that.


Final Thoughts on Blade 4


I like to think if you’re reading about Blade 4 there’s a good chance thinking isn’t much of a thing for you. Granted, I’m writing about Blade 4, and I have a 4 inch chubby because of it (HALF MAST, IT ISN’T SMALL) so thinking isn’t really my thing either (when I want to think, I’ll see the District 9 sequel, for this, I’m leaving my brain at home). Let’s leave it at this: Blade 4 will be awesome if you come in to it with the right mindset and have a blood-alcohol level well beyond the legal limit.


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February 19, 2016 at 10:03 am, Constantine 2 - Release Date, Trailer & more sequel news said:

[…] Blade 4 Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More – Will there be a Blade 4? […]


November 20, 2016 at 10:08 pm, Flex said:

What a movie title not a sequel not a prequel,, but just—–



February 19, 2016 at 10:15 am, I Am Legend 2 - Movie Sequel Release Date, Trailer & More! said:

[…] HOLY NUTS. Maybe the outbreak could start with vampirism mutating in a Daywalker (like from Blade 4) that can suddenly infect people without them being bitten. That would be totes […]


February 21, 2016 at 4:44 pm, National Treasure 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More! said:

[…] ways though… if there’s a vampire, they should call in a Daywalker… like from Blade 4!   I’m just kidding. That’s a terrible idea. […]


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[…] the almost Naked Jessica Jones to Daredevil himself (not to mention all those movies, going back to Blade) so I feel confident that they’ll nail this […]


April 12, 2016 at 2:38 pm, MARCELLOUS LOVE said:

A great plot would be straight from the comics where Blade goes to New Orleans to find more vampires and is me by Brother VooDoo and later met by Black Panther and Luke Cage and the three would work together to fight the ghouls and vampires … it would kinda be like the old 70s film “3 The Hard Way”


April 12, 2016 at 2:41 pm, MARCELLOUS LOVE said:

A great plot would be straight from the comics where Blade goes to New Orleans to find more vampires and is met by Brother VooDoo and later met by Black Panther and Luke Cage and the three would work together to fight the ghouls and vampires … it would kinda be like the old 70s film “3 The Hard Way”


May 12, 2016 at 11:35 am, Underworld 5 | ⓴⓰ | Movie Release Date, Trailer & More! said:

[…] Underworld: Dead and Loving it (wait… that’s a title variant I used to Blade 4!) […]


July 18, 2016 at 6:06 am, Jc said:

Congratulations you’re retarded.


July 18, 2016 at 2:02 pm, Ex Machina 2 | 2017 | Movie Trailer, Release Date & More – Will there be an Ex Machina 2? said:

[…] Ex Machina 2: Alive and Loving it (wait… that’s a title variant I used for Blade 4!) […]


September 07, 2016 at 2:36 am, maggie said:

Some really marvellous work on behalf of the owner of this internet site, absolutely outstanding subject matter.


September 22, 2016 at 5:23 pm, Joseline Rodriguez said:

I can’t wait been waiting for to long


November 07, 2016 at 10:30 am, Avenger said:

If blade 4 will release one day, it will be a reload.
First movie was released 20 years ago when Infinity war will out in 2018 (Spiderman reload has taken less time).
Maybe he will be introduce in Infinity war part 1 as a guest


January 31, 2017 at 4:39 am, Josh said:

Blade 4 man I hope so…and no Wesley snipes no blade …man while your at it blade 5 to…one could hope


February 27, 2017 at 4:50 am, Melinda Murrell said:

Blade 4 should be Hyped, and ready for Action to the Max for 2018! I’m also ready to see it! I will be sitting on the end of the Seat ready for all the moves, scares and excitement! It about the thrill of Defeat!


December 10, 2017 at 12:19 pm, jeff said:

i really dont care how this movie will be made but i am going to watch it…blade should have sex in blade 4


February 20, 2018 at 1:13 pm, Connie Stevenson said:

I am looking forward to Blade 4. Hopefully Dr. Karen Jensen and Blade be together in a relationship and s beautiful one as well. I knew and I had this gut feeling he likes and care about her on a concern way. It was said the he has a daughter Fallon Grey. I hope you do produce the relationship and love scenes. In the first Blade there was chemistry between the two of them and it’s teal.


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