Cain injured

Cain injured; Miocic fights Werdum for UFC title; Cain to be put down out behind the barn

January 24th, 2016 by Mike Coughlin


Remember that time Cain Velasquez didn’t get hurt? Yeah, me neither. He is again, and is thus out of his fight with Werdum in a few weeks. Instead, Stipe Miocic will step in and challenge the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu god for the UFC heavyweight title.


Honestly, at this point, stop with the Cain shit. He’s making Dominick Cruz look durable. Oh, and he lost last time. Even when he was champion, he barely held the belt for one defense before losing or getting injured or both. Sometimes, you just gotta put down a broken horse. “That’ll do, pig.”


Miocic just had a huge 30 second win over Arlovski and screamed at Dana that he wanted a title shot. Coming in on short notice against Werdum is a tall order so more power to him.


Maybe Cain can fight … oh, who am I kidding, he’s probably gonna get hurt twice before he comes back.


Werdum Meme

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