MMA Quiz 2016

Can you pass our 2016 MMA quiz?

January 1st, 2017 by The Staff

(Grady is responsible for the quiz, I’m just putting “The Staff” because it makes us seem like a functioning unit. – M)


So, you think you know MMA?  You watched all the big shows this year, didn’t you?  You watched Conor lose to Nate Diaz.  You watched Nate lose to Conor.  You saw Ronda just the other day.  Big man.


But you’re even better, aren’t you?  You remember shows from Sioux Falls and Utah.  You followed Japan slaughtering 50 year old women on TV and tell people at parties, “Yeah, UFC is good, but Bellator has some underrated fighters.”  Then, like a douche in high school who always wanted to be seen as “ahead of the curve” with music, you sing the praises of Michael Page.


nate twitter conor meme


Fine.  You think you know MMA.  If so, then you shouldn’t miss a single question on our quiz.  What’ve you got to lose?


The HG 2016 MMA Quiz



How’d you do?  Not so smart, are ya?  Oh, you are?  Well … send it to a friend and then taunt them.  You can lie and say you nailed all of them, we’re cool with that.





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