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Canada now owns the UFC

August 7th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin



America’s little brother all grown up, Canada has purchased the UFC.


A press release went out noting that there are new investment partners with WMEI 97.9, those being the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and the Government of Singapore Investment Fund.


These dudes are ponying up serious coin, he writes as a dork does write sentences.  And as a result, a lot of the leftovers from the Fertitta sale are being bought out.  The brothers each own a bit and I think that crazy dude in … Somewhere Middle East … does too.  So does Dana.  Dana denied that he was going away or anything like that.


But, before we go there (if we do), let us not overlook the fact that CANADA OWNS THE UFC!  And so does Singapore but Canada is funnier to me.  Singapore could have regular death matches with scorpions on the dirt floor as rich men snuggle hookers and throw around $100s as they bet on lives.


Canada has a maple leaf on its flag.


And now they own a brutal cage fighting enterprise.


They also own part of like, a, pro rodeo league.  That one I’m more OK with because Canada also has cowboys and shit, like how Texas blends into Mexico, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Montana, and so on bleed into Canada.  All the same people living and praying up there as here, and we have rodeos in the Dakotas so they will too.


My word, Canada, you own a cage fighting league!



Oh, and, yeah, people are speculating that Dana will be bought out of his little remaining share.  I presume this is all part of White leaving the company and all that shit, the kinda rumors that will swirl the air until White is gone one day, just due to the nature of corporate, palace intrigue.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  I think I will see it, mind you, but I’m not gonna waste any real energy on giving a shit.


dana dont give a fuck


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