The amazing spider-man movie spoilers

Come Home and then watch these awesome new Spider-Man trailers!

May 24th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin

There are new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers right here.


I liked them. I’m pretty sure at least one half of Comic Conversations did not. Maybe both halves. I can’t keep track of everyone, k?


I also created/stole a butt-ton of Spidey banner things so I wanna use them. Plus: ALWAYS LOOK BUSY! That’s Running a Website 101.


Spider-Man: Coming FINAL TRAILER(s)



Hey, look, the cast of the latest Spider-Man reboot

  • Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  • Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes / Vulture
  • Zendaya as Michelle: One of Parker’s classmates, “very smart, very intellectual, always in her books.”


Spider-man homecoming naked

Yeah, she’s ALL about the books.


  • Donald Glover (As mystery dude/shout-out to Miles Morales)
  • Marisa Tomei as May Parker: Peter’s aunt. First reports of Tomei’s casting caused backlash on social media, with comic book fans opining that the actress was “too young and attractive to portray the character”, especially after the character had previously been depicted by older actresses than Tomei. (yeah, uh, no. She’s s,until hot, dudes.)
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man: A self-described genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist with electromechanical suits of armor of his own invention, who is Parker’s mentor and is the creator of Damage Control.
  • Jacob Batalon portrays Parker’s best friend Ned, a “complete gamer”. Marvel used Ned Leeds as a basis for the character, who does not have a last name in the script or film, but essentially created their own character with him.
  • Laura Harrier portrays Liz Allan, Parker’s love interest and classmate, with a “type-A” personality.


Spider-man homecoming naked

Someone has jungle fever.


  • Tony Revolori plays Flash Thompson, Parker’s rival and classmate.
  • Bokeem Woodbine plays Herman Schultz / Shocker, who uses modified versions of Crossbones’s gauntlets that shoot vibro-blasts, while Logan Marshall-Green portrays another Shocker; both are accomplices of Toomes.


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