Comic Con. 163: Ellis to write Wild Storm.

October 5th, 2016 by Tony Galvan

Tony and Alex return to talk all things comics for the week of September 28th, 2016. Including but not limited to…


Comic Book News of:

Boom announces Comic Book Vet, Dennis Hopeless on new WWE Comic,
Comixology locks up web exclusive comics like Valiant High,
& Warren Ellis is attached to the Wildstorm Comics.

Comic Book Reviews of:

Action Comics 964,
Detective Comics 941,
Batman Beyond Rebirth 1,
Teen Titans Rebirth 1,
Titans 3,
Flash 7,
Six Pack & Dogwelder: Hard Travelin Heroz 2,
Hellblazer 2,
Blue Beetle 1,
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. 5,
Wonder Woman 7,
Astro City 39,
Descender 15,
Saga 38,
Captain America Sam Wilson 13,
Captain America Steve Rogers 5,
Kingpin 3,
Extraordinary X-Men 14,
Ms.Marvel 11,
Nighthawk 5,
Spider-Woman 11,
Thunderbolts 5,
Totally Awesome Hulk 10,
Bloodshot Reborn 17,
Generation Zero 2,
X-O Manowar 50,
& Ultimates 11.


Previewing Next Week’s Books:

Shipwreck, Aquaman, Art Ops, Batman, Nightwing, Clean Room, Justice League, Midnighter and Apollo, Shade the Changing Girl, Superman, Ragnarok, Revolution, Eclipse, Moonshine, Walking Dead, All-New Wolverine, Amazing Spider-Man, Champions, Death of X, Doctor Strange, Jessica Jones, Scarlet Witch, Squadron Supreme, & Bloodshot Reborn.
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