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Comic Conversations 124: The comic book reviews podcast version of a diamond

December 30th, 2015 by Tony Galvan

fettman, luro, and marvell2k return to talk all things comics for the week of December 23, 2015. Included but not limited to:


Lightning Round Reviews of: Spider-Woman, Patsy Walker: Hellcat, Venom Spaceknight,and Deadly Class.


Regular Comic book Reviews of: Captain America 4, Ant-Man 3, Extraordinaire X-Men 3, Bloodshot Reborn 9, Amazing Spider-Man 5, Daredevil 2, New Avengers 4, Darth Vader 14, Rai 12, Doctor Mirage 1, Nameless 6, Saga 32, Jupiter’s Circle 2, Astro City 30, Art Opts 3, Dark Knight III 2, Jacked 2, JLA 6, and Justice League 3001 6.


Our picks for Book of the Week.


We preview Next Week’s Books: War Stories, Dreaming Eagles, Code Pru, Zombie Tramp, Lois and Clark, Black Magic, Ragnarok, James Bond, Lazarus, Rat Queens, Ringside, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain America White, Carnage, Howard the Duck, Obi-Won and Anakin, Spider-Man 2099, and Squadron Supreme.


THE best Comic book reviews podcast ever created!!!!



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