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Conor McGregor is not going to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr – morons

February 11th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin

Stephen A. Smith is what you’d get if you took a useless sack, one riddled with holes, then filled it with shit.  What then plopped out of the sieve is Smith.  He’s the latest to claim that Conor McGregor and old Pretty Boy Floyd are going to fight.  I’m sure he heard it from Mayweather, who I’m also sure is a “close personal friend.”


It. Will. Not. Happen.


Both egomaniacs involved are simply keeping their name in the public eye and the sports media is as useless as, well, Stephen A. Smith, so they’re happy to pretend.  All the money involved, all the players, all the deals that would have to be cut, to say nothing of the fact that an athletic commission would have to sanction a fight between arguably the greatest living boxer and a guy who has never boxed before.  OK, maybe Texas would do it.


And fucking heaven help me if it ever does go down, because I’ll probably lose my mind with all the absolutely stupid opinions and analysis.


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This was originally written May 6, 2016 – AND STILL JUST AS RELEVANT


Did you hear the latest news?  Conor McGregor is going to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an epic boxing match.  Floyd will gets $100m+ and Conor gets $7m.  This first came out of … THE SUN!  The UK’s worst paper.  And I don’t mean bad in the usual ways, I mean bad as in it’s a piece of shit that no one takes seriously and should be fucking closed.  I’m not linking them, because FUCK THE SUN.


The made up claim is that Floyd is obsessed with beating Conor because McGregor said he’d beat Floyd in 30 seconds.  Because of this, it’ll be pure boxing and McGregor has “to lose 25 lbs.” (Fuck knows what that is supposed to mean.) And all this will happen in Vegas, sometime this summer.


No, it won’t.




If you believe this fight will take place then you’re a moron.  You should not breed and I’m sure have already at least once tried to shoot fireworks out of your asshole only to be surprised when it didn’t work.  You should be grateful that the world exists in such a way so as to take care of people with your IQ.  I’m not even being over the top trollish in a way to anger people up and all that shit.  Truly, if you think that somehow these two will box in Vegas then you’re stupid.  I’m sure if I went back a century and found the actual differences in medical textbooks between “idiot” and “moron” and such that you’d fit every category.


This will not happen.  I shouldn’t have to explain why it won’t happen beyond: the UFC has a contract.


All of the other 50 million reasons why also apply, from there’s no way McGregor takes so little to there’s no way Mayweather also takes so little, and so on.  Conor McGregor is not going to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr ever.  Never, ever, ever.  It will never happen.


If you see people talking about it happening then you should know they too would be sterilized if eugenics was still public policy.



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