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Dredd 2 (2018) Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More Dredd Sequel News!

March 13th, 2017 by The PunMaster General



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Dredd 2, or whatever the possible Dredd sequel will be named, is a followup to the surprisingly good, but also unsurprisingly unsuccessful, 2012 film starring Karl Urban as the titular hero Judge Dredd. Set in a futuristic dystopia, the judges are police officers who are “judge, jury and executioner” all rolled into one!


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Will there be a Dredd Sequel?


Dredd Sequel
I loved Dredd. It took me by surprise and was a far better action film than it had any right to be. To be clear, the comic is legendary and I’m not criticizing it, but after the Stallone debacle back in the 90’s, I didn’t have much hope for Dredd (much like I have little hope for I Am Legend 2). But then they stole the premise of The Raid (like National Treasure 3 should steal the plot from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), and it really worked. Maybe they can steal the premise of The Raid 2 for a Dredd sequel!

Possible Dredd 2 Directors


Pete Travis directed Dredd, but since has done more TV work (which is what Adam Sandler should be doing after Grown Ups 3) than movies. He does have an upcoming film in post-production called City of Tiny Lights, but maybe he’d be free after that? Personally, I’d hire Gareth Evans, who directed The Raid, to direct the Dredd sequel.

Potential Dredd Sequel Writers


Again, hire Gareth Evans (he wrote The Raid also). But Alex Garland did a solid job writing Dredd, so he would be a solid choice for the sequel too.

Dredd Sequel Posters & Pictures


Dredd 2 Release Date

Dredd 2 Trailer


Dredd 2 Release Date


Dredd 2 releases in 2018 at the earliest.

Dredd 2 Cast & Stars


DEFINITELY bring back the Dredd cast (they’re better than the Jumper 2 cast)! Except Lena Headey, cause she – SPOILER ALERT – died in the first one. But she’s great too. Maybe a flashback of Ma-Ma could be worked in. But Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby are essential to making a Dredd sequel work. They should form the core Dredd 2 cast and then the studio can save some cash by hiring talented by lesser-known actors for smaller parts (Hancock 2 could learn from this too, no need for Charlize Theron outside of hotness – unless she only has one arm, in which case she’s amazing).


Best Dredd 2 Actor or Actress


Dredd 2


Karl Urban. I love Olivia Thirlby, but Urban really felt like Judge Dredd to me (not unlike James McAvoy really felt like Doctor Frankenstein and would continue to be good in a Victor Frankenstein sequel).


Worst Dredd 2 Actor or Actress


Dredd 2 Trailer


Sylvester Stallone. He wasn’t in Dredd, but his stain still marked it.

Potential Dredd Sequel Titles


  • Dredd 2
  • Dredder
  • Dredd 3DD
  • Dredd: Judgment Day
  • Dredd Scott
  • Dredd Man Walking
  • Dredd Dead Redemption (COWBOY JUDGE DREDD!)
  • Dredd and Loving It


Will Dredd 2 be Worth Seeing?


Dredd 2 Cast


Heck yeah Dredd 2 will be worth seeing. Keep the extreme violence and cool visual aesthetic from the first and you have a winner for sure!

Will a Dredd sequel make much money?


Honestly, no matter how much I want to believe in Dredd 2, it’s a tough sell and might not make much money at the box office.

Final Thoughts on Dredd 2


Dredd was an anomaly when it came out. Not too expensive (only around $40 million I believe) and extremely violent yet cool. That’s a tough act to follow, and Hollywood may not be up to the task. Still, if they can get Dredd 2 made, my butt will be in the seat opening day.


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