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Fell In Love With a Girl by The White Stripes; aka GUESS WHAT’S STUCK IN MIKE’S HEAD?!

May 22nd, 2018 by Mike Coughlin

Fell In Love With a Girl is the first bit hit The White Stripes had. I’m not sure exactly when it made its way to the mainstream but my impression is it was first overshadowed. There was a weird period where a TON of bands were named “THE” and then something. Most of them were douchebags.


The White Stripes are not douchebags. Granted, I don’t know them, but why should I? I like artists for what they do not who they are. Something like that.


This was not the first song by the Stripes that I liked but it’s currently … STUCK IN MY HEAD! … and so now I present it to all of you. If that bothers you then I don’t care because you clearly have no taste and are why Trump won/lost. Choose your own adventure insult. For the rest of us with taste, enjoy.


Fell In Love With A Girl video by The White Stripes

(Yes, I know, I used this before … fuck you.)



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