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F**k you religion! I’m pissed… @ChairmanOfGuam

March 23rd, 2016 by Peach

If you are unaware of the scam, then you’re the one being scammed… The religious scam is this: Give us money and you can have salvation and live forever… Smells like ass to me. @ChairmanOfGuam



I’m a devout atheist, but I was a Catholic for 30 years, and I’m pissed. I’m pissed at the horrible atrocities that religion allows, under the guise of salvation, and moral support. This is complete nonsense. Religion offers absofuckinglutely nothing but a hole in the sand in which you may bury your head.




I know there is no fucking personal god who communicates with me through secret pillow whispers, and cares whether or not I touch my penis, and wants me to be put to death if I decide to put my wiener in a man’s asshole. Only stupid narcissists think this way. Do you really think the creator of the Universe gives a shit about you and your junk? You’re not fucking special. Stop it.




I can’t say for sure what the heck started it all, but it wasn’t Jew god, that’s for damn certain. It wasn’t Mohammed either. It wasn’t a buddha, or a snake and an apple and all that bullshit either. Religion, simply put, is an outdated pyramid scheme that we still allow to exist, because we’re scared.


Death is scary. Nobody wants to die. We all want to live forever, except terrorists. We all want there to be an afterlife. And that’s why we allow religion to exist. “But what if?” Well fuck you. You’re part of the problem. Come back to reality. There is no heaven, there is no hell, there only is what is, and that’s our human existence. I’m here to tell you with certainty, that religion needs to die, before it kills us all.


Look no further than the recent Belgium attacks. These explosions were carried out by ISIS suicide bombers, who were terrorists, but at their fucking evil core, is the religion of Islam. They firmly and unquestionably believe that they are justified, and will be heading to an afterlife with a bunch of virgins to fuck. Rest assured, they are not in heaven, they are splattered all over Belgium. They were broken people, and part of the problem, and if you believe in religion, then you’re broken and part of the problem too.


Let’s not even examine the fact that the main selling point of suicide bombings is sex, something that is pretty taboo here on earth according to most gods. So I’m supposed to believe that god is going to give you 72 un-fucked females, presumably for you to fuck into all eternity, because you exploded a bunch of people minding their own fucking business, just trying to get on the subway. Are you kidding me? Do these women get a say? Of course not. What happens to women suicide bombers? Are there 72 uncut penises for them to squat on in Islam heaven? What happens to Harry Potter when he dies? Who fucking cares. It’s absurd. Back to the point…



For eons, religion has been used as a scare tactic to control the masses, specifically when we were living in tribes. Religion was used to explain unexplainable phenomena here on earth before we had science. Yes, before we had science, we pretended to know stuff that was formerly impossible to know. That’s called faith, and it’s very dangerous. Because nobody wants to look stupid, and having one’s bull shit beliefs called out as such makes one look stupid, people often defend their beliefs to the death. That’s fucking scary.


Faith is used to keep the stupid and poor, well, stupid and poor. It was designed to keep the aristocratic demigods of the ancient world rich and powerful. And it worked because information was limited to what those in charge wanted you to know, and would you guess, everything “god” inspired that you were allowed to know also favored those in charge. Shocking. It’s crazy that Moses didn’t come down from Mt. Sinai and say, “God just told me to give you guys all my goats and concubines.” No, he said, “I’m the only one that can talk to god, so I’ll let you know what the rules are…” Does he sound trustworthy?




Now days, with knowledge as our weapon, religion is no longer necessary. We are allowed to use our brains to think freely. If you are still mired in religiousness, I’d encourage you to think critically about the existence of a personal god who speaks to you, and to think about it without presupposing the answer. Chances are, you were indoctrinated (brainwashed) into your beliefs by your parents. Think critically about that as well.




Often on my TV show, Free Thought Forum in Knoxville, we discuss the topic of religious beliefs with believers and they tell me that in fact they have thought critically, and come to the conclusion that god / jesus / mohammed does exist. Wrong. You did not think critically. It’s not possible to find evidence of god without cherry picking data and shoehorning information to support your claim. That’s not critical thinking. To think critically is to criticize and question your beliefs, but without an answer already in your head. Why do you hold such beliefs? Is there evidence to support it? Is the evidence valid or is it another unsupported? Keep doing this until you’ve reached your core belief. Now, you can make a claim.



Is there any evidence to support the claim that Isis suicide bombers are doing the will of Muhammed? Yes. It’s in the Quran. Is the Quran supported by evidence? No. Is there evidence that the afterlife exists? Yes, it’s in the Quran. Is the Quran supported by evidence? No. This is called circular reasoning because one must presuppose that the teachings of Islam are true. They are not. They are bullshit, as are all religious claims. A believer would benefit greatly from studying logical fallacies as most of their claims can be categorized as a fallacy, aka, horse shit.


So what purpose does religion serve today? Well, the Catholics use religion to help keep the Pope and Vatican City plush with literally billions. Funny how the person at the top of the pyramid has all the money. I guess Pope Francis has decided that all that cash wouldn’t be very useful helping the literally 21,000 people that starve to death each day.




Islamists use religion to justify their terrorist attacks. Today, Islam killed at least 34 people, which actually pales in comparison to the thousands of starving children that the pope kills everyday, and the millions more that he murders by preaching against birth control. (Why would the church be against birth control if it’s primarily leading to over population, the spread of disease, and diminished life quality in impoverished nations across the globe. Oh right, who is going to keep the Catholic coffers brimming with tithings if there aren’t new Catholics being born? Hmmm…) Why does the Catholic church push for baptism before a child can consent to it? Indoctrination. Oh, and the Catholic church is also the biggest pedophilia rape cabal cover up ever. WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS SHIT STILL EXIST!!!


We don’t need religion. In fact, we NEED it to die. As we’ve seen, religion is the greatest scourge on the planet. Religion stands in the way of scientific enquiry, excuses murder, and supports misogyny, homophobia, and slavery, and specifically attacks the weakest, poorest, and dumbest members of our world, all while keeping the rich and powerful, firmly in control.


Fuck this. It’s time to fight back. YOU can help. All you have to do is challenge everything that is religion. Here are some things you can do today:

  • Walk out during public prayers at assembly, or cough loudly a lot
  • NEVER give any religious organization money, even the Boy Scouts
  • Don’t participate in any religious ceremonies, from X-mas service and weddings to youth groups – All of it, do not participate
  • Don’t bow your head during family prayer and then discuss this retarded tradition
  • When someone says “god bless you,” rape them in the name of Catholicism
  • Challenge people to think critically about their beliefs
  • Stop thinking that pious people are moral people
  • Join up with your local atheist groups because you are not alone!


Free Thought Forum, Knoxville airs live (most) every Tuesday from 5-6pm est and streams live on – Search us on youtube as well. #Freethought


Like I said earlier, if you don’t know the scam, you’re the one being scammed. The scam dies when you reach the pitch, so try and get to the pitch ASAP. The religious pitch is this: Give us money, and you can have salvation and live forever. Does that sound too good to be true? Think about it.


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