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Invicta 21 update.

January 11th, 2017 by Dazza

I made a joke that posting my Invicta 21 Preview a whole five days before the show was asking for trouble and someone was bound to miss the show.


Twelve hours later and it turns out Brieta Carpenter has suffered a concussion in training and sadly is off the show and along with her is the eagerly awaited debut of boxing star Heather Hardy. Invicta was unable to find a replacement in that weight class and so Hardy will be appearing at a later show, hopefully Invicta 22.


In the mean time Invicta promised it’s fans they were getting eight matches and that’s what they are going to get. The promotion has hastily assembled a featherweight match up between Elizabeth Phillips and Leah Letson.



Phillips was recently in the UFC where she lost her first two fights there against Valerie Letourneau and Milana Dudieva both by spilt decision. She scored a win against Jessamyn Duke and had to take time off with elbow surgery and after losing her latest fight by decision to Raquel Pennington was let go by the promotion.

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Leah Letson comes in with a 3-1 record and has the nickname “Nidas” which is awesomely funny when you think about it and get the gag (hint: think Sparta). Leah has been involved in Martial arts since five years old and as well as competing in MMA serves in Wisconsin Air National Guard.

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Kudos to the promotion and kudos to both ladies for stepping up at such short notice.



In the meantime anyone not wanting to wait to check out Heather Hardy should make time to watch this cracking boxing match here.



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