Invicta FC 15 Weigh In Results – like pros do it! (with video too)

January 13th, 2016 by Mike Coughlin

The Hangar at OC Fair and Event Center

Costa Mesa, California



We’re on top of this shit like no one else, bringing you the completely not at all exclusive video or the Invicta FC 15 Weigh In Results!  Unlike the men, when women weigh-in, the athletic commissions don’t pay attention and don’t register the results.  That’s why we have to do it.  That was also a total lie but whatever, you read it already and can tell your friends it’s true because you saw it on the Internet.  And, obviously, come back tomorrow for our PERFECT play by play and make sure to read the best damn INVICTA FC 15 PREVIEW ever.



Invicta FC 15 WEIGH IN Results via video (?)! – Invcita 15 is tomorrow on UFC Fight Pass 9pm ET/8/7/6

  1. Cris Cyborg (144.6) vs. Daria Ibragimova (143.7)
  2. Livia Renata Souza (113.9) vs. DeAnna Bennett (114.6)
  3. Amber Brown (105.7) vs. Shino VanHoose (105.3)
  4. Colleen Schneider (136.4*) vs. Raquel Pa’aluhi (135.5)
  5. Angela Hill (115.1) vs. Alida Gray (115.9)
  6. Lacey Schuckman (114.9) vs. Mizuki Inoue (114.3)
  7. Megan Anderson (145.3) vs. Amber Leibrock (145.7)




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[…] Update 3: Weigh-ins went fine, full results HERE. […]


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