Jon Jones says Cormier is faking injury; goes Full Jon Jones

April 18th, 2016 by Mike Coughlin


Jon Jones is absolutely one of my most super duper way up there favorite guys to follow in MMA.  Yeah, yeah, he’s a great fighter and all that shit but it’s his mouth that I love right now.



Grow up.


Jones walks that fine line between trash talking and half-fake persona to deep down I think he’s as genuine as anyone because he’s simply delusional.  Everyone is the hero of their own tale and Jones is no different.  I’m ripping these quotes from him doing ESPN press.  Just: look at this shit!


“Daniel Cormier is this guy who, he’s lost to me in the past, and he’s a guy who instead of just accepting that I was a better fighter than him — and I am a better fighter than him — he comes up with a lot of excuses,” he told Hannah Storm. “He’ll say things like, ‘oh, it’s my first time fighting at this weight class, so I wasn’t ready for the change in my body.’ Or, ‘it was such a big fight, I guess I was a little nervous.’ Or, ‘I couldn’t train with Cain Velasquez, my number one training partner, so that’s why I lost.”


Fucking. Hero. Language there.





“So these are just signs that show me, you know, he’s mentally reaching for answers as to why he can’t beat me. To fight in my backyard in New York state, I think it would mentally be a huge disadvantage for him. I don’t think he’s mentally strong enough to take that type of risk.”


Then he’s asked about Cormier’s injury…


“You know, it’s hard to say. I wasn’t there in the workout room with him when he got injured I’ll say. But, there’s been lots of rumors that he was hurt, not injured. And to drop the fight being ‘hurt,’ it just makes no sense. My body, I have aches and little nooks and crannies all over my body, but it’s the cost of being an elite level athlete. You fight through that stuff.”





He’s gonna murder OSP on Saturday and the arrogance will be awesome.

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