Kanye west fade video

Kanye West’s music video Fade caused me to go through puberty again

August 2nd, 2017 by Mike Coughlin

I’m killing time. That’s all I’m doing on YouTube as that’s all anyone really does on YouTube. I watched a preview for Mel Gibson’s new movie about a pacifist who is in World War 2 (which looks amazing). I watched some random fights.


Then I saw a recommended video for the song Fade by Kanye West. I didn’t know Kanye had a new song out. I like some Kanye songs but I rarely know anything anyone is doing so his having a new song and me not knowing about it isn’t a stretch.


As I was killing time until whatever else is supposed to come next for me (I have no plans today, so killing time is basically my entire To Do list), watching the new video seemed like as good a use of my time as anything.


Boy was it ever.


You have to watch it for yourself. It’s barely permissible for the Internet. My testicles dropped and I began to grow fur where fur had not been before after watching this thing. Enjoy and then have a smoke.





Hot sexy girl Kanye fade


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