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McGregor vs Mayweather Jr. Hot Take Tracker

July 12th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin



Since I was wrong, and Conor McGregor will in fact be losing a boxing match in August when he faces Floyd Mayweather Jr., I thought it appropriate to keep track of all the HAWT TAKES that are sure to flow from every corner of the world.  You know that everyone, their mother, and their mother’s mother will have an opinion on the greatest boxer of his generation fighting a man who has never once boxed in his life.  These will be nuanced and intelligent, as I’m sure we’d all expect by now.  Sadly, I doubt I’ll ever get to catalogue everything but I’m gonna do my best to try.


Because I’m petty.


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I wonder if the UFC will create an interim title for the fight…


Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. Hot Take Tracker



Conor Floyd tweet



mayweather vs mcgregor







McGregor vs Mayweather Jr. Hot Take Tracker




Conor VS Mayweather odds

conor mcgregor vs floyd mayweather hot takes



Conor vs Floyd hot takes


And, what, you may ask, has given Deadspin this profound idea? This:


Floyd boxing ko


Yes, it’s just Floyd doing the same routine he’s done a thousand times before. If folks are going to be impressed by this kinda shit, they’re gonna lose it when they see the actual fight. I presume their next post will be about a fish that can swim.


I don’t really blame Iole too much for this one, as we all do things for visits (looks around innocently), but can we all please stop pretending there is ANYTHING to be broken down and analyzed with this thing?


(I’m also bored and wanted to update this thing.)


floyd conor hot takes





mayweather vs mcgregor hot takes



hot take KO



racism mcgregor mayweather



floyd mayweather racist hot take




I’m positive I’ll write more about this … masterpiece later but for now, these are just SOME of the screen caps from a Deadspin piece. They include an actual, serious breakdown of each man’s strengths. YES!!!


6000 words of retard




Conor hot take tweet paulie



McGregor vs. mayweather hot take McGregor vs. mayweather hot take McGregor vs. mayweather hot take McGregor vs. mayweather hot take



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