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Michael Bisping is Going to China

November 11th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin

China (Trump voice)



You know how we said that Anderson Silva’s limp dick and/or coke habit caused him to be pulled from the main-event of UFC Shanghai? And that there wasn’t a replacement yet? Well, there is one now: Michael Bisping.


Ariel Helwani says that’s what’s gonna happen, so who knows if it’s true but whatevs. #fakenews #eyeroll


This is the last name I’d have guessed – ok, maybe Kimbo would’ve been – to serve as Silva’s body double. It was only a week ago that this happened:


gsp taps bisping rear naked choke sub tap


He was a bloody and concussed mess after St. Pierre ran through him, but I guess Chinese Athletic Commissions aren’t big on “safety.” WMEI 97.9 is gonna just ride these horses until they collapse into a puddle of money. Hooray for the slow slide of MMA from fun and awesome success into the fiery ball of illiterate pedophiles that has been boxing for the last few decades.


That was some good old fashioned news for ya, KTHXBYE.


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