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MUST WATCH: #MayMac World Tour Day Three VIDEO

July 13th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin

Brooklyn, The Hipster Sphincter of, New York



Well, the second edition of Mayweather and McGregor doing their world tour was nothing short of fucking amazing.  Conor went Full Conor on everyone and we were all witness to a man in his element.  The Canadians were godly and they made sure the world knew that, win or lose, Conor is the star and Mayweather is a woman beating illiterate.


I don’t know if we’ll get the same today, in New York, but I *know* we will tomorrow in London.  Oh, fuck me, I can’t wait for London.  But, until London, we get this.  And I’m sure it’ll be good.  I suspect Mayweather will try to do something, knowing he was embarrassed like the sad little man that he is.


MUST WATCH: #MayMac World Tour Day Three VIDEO



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