MUST WATCH VIDEO: UFC Produces President Trump's Inauguration

MUST WATCH VIDEO: UFC Produces President Trump’s Inauguration

January 21st, 2017 by Mike Coughlin

It’s no secret that the UFC and Dana White are close friends.  Dana White spoke at the GOP convention.  Trump wanted to go to UFC 205.  Trump has been to UFCs in the past and held them at his Trump Casino in Jersey (before it went belly up – or whatever happened there).


The UFC has great fighters and a great presentation.  Sure, they aren’t WWE level good but pretty damn good nonetheless.  The other day, of course, Donald Trump became President Trump.  Most people watched it on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, or some other acronym.  But if you had UFC’s Fight Pass then you got to see a very special presentation of Trump’s inauguration.  Lucky for all of you, we have the exclusive web rights to the footage.


Roll that beautiful bean footage.


UFC Produces President Trump’s Inauguration



(Grady made it, as is his thing, and I’m taking credit.  BOOM!)



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No word on how Dana feels about this though.


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