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Official HG statement on the terrorist attack in New York City

October 31st, 2017 by Mike Coughlin



Belgium Nice, France, Manchester, London, New York City was hit with terrorist attack today, similar in nature to those that rocked France and Belgium and Germany and Spain and England. While it is perhaps Western-Centric to acknowledge this attack in a special way and not simultaneously note the daily attacks throughout the Middle East … whatever. You can be right in the big picture – today is still awful.


Here’s the formal statement: fuck those people.


No, that isn’t original or witty or even useful. And there probably won’t be a “je suis Belgium Nice London New York” movement (because this is now too common, even in France England America.) There should be. Instead, I can just literally cut and paste old stories because that’s the world we live in because some people are dogs.


Maybe another writer here will have more to say. For now, I reiterate: fuck you.


We now resume our regular programming of good, bad, and stupid.




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