New Mutants

Someone locked the X-Men inside a haunted mansion

October 13th, 2017 by Mike Coughlin

The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning 

(that sometimes has little kids in it)



In the recesses of my mind, I knew there was a New Mutants movie slated to premier sometime in 2018, but I didn’t have a feel for what it was about.  I knew the badass little girl from Game of Thrones was in it, however, that was the extent of my knowledge.  And, that’s like the fifth time I’ve used a version of the word “know” in this post already.


Well, thanks to the fine folks at FOX, not only do we get The Truth from cable news, we also get a glimpse at what the New Mutants popcorn extravaganza might entail: horror.


Bless Fox for this – and, again, for keeping the airwaves safe from the cultural Marxists – as they’re once again using the X-Men franchise to do something kinda different.  Logan showed you could make a bajillion dollars by doing a small western, Deadpool showed you could make a bajillion dollars doing an R-rated comedy, and New Mutants will answer the question long asked: just how much money can you make when combining the profitable genres of superheroes and horror?  I’ll bet it’s a lot.


Here’s the description I’ve found elsewhere (read: Wikipedia):


Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves


Little kids have to answer for their past sins?  What did they do, steal a package of baseball cards from the store while their mom was buying groceries and then get caught in the car ride home, be driven back, forced to apologize to the manager in front of everyone, and then go home to be “yelled at” by their drunk father?


This bad boy will be directed by Josh Boone, who helmed The Fault in Our Stars. That was the movie about two sick teenagers who bond over some dumbass novel written by Willem Dafoe(‘s character) and then one of them dies. Or bother of them do.  I didn’t watch it because “Romeo and Juliet only gayer” ain’t for me.  I guess it’s good Boone has worked with kids before? Though given Hollywood lately, maybe that’s a warning sign.  I mean, Bryan Singer has had his issues…


New Mutants comes out next April.  This is the trailer.


The New Mutants Trailer



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